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So – finally home after an amazing 2 + days at QPF. So many highlights for me – Jon Paul Fiorentino (waited to the last event to hear him – fantastic), Betsy Turcot, Matt Hetherington, Angela Gardner & Nicci Haynes work was amazing, Rhyll Tonge & Fern Thompsett blew the windows out of the Shopfront Space, Kelly-lee Hickey, CJ Bowerbird, Jennifer Compton, JK, Trudie Murrell, Sachiko Murakami, Eleanor Jackson & Tom Hogan (The Epic) and Feet Teeth. Okay – so everyone I saw was absolutely fabulous.

On a personal level, the Spirit of Slam Award and the win in the Poetry Slam have obviously left me on a high, but neither of those would have been possible without the encouragement of all the people involved in the poetry community here in Queensland – and all those visitors to this wonderful state.

Thank you

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2 responses to “Queensland Poetry Festival

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  1. Spirit of Slam award is so well deserved Tony. Hope the glow of the festival colours the week beautifully.

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