A Daughter of Earth and Water   Leave a comment

A Daughter of Earth and Water

She, is a daughter of earth and water
a flowering rose that will grow and grow
Chloe, this daughter of earth and water

In loves strong bonds she has been
delivered to where the hands of earth
and water will now guide her to the future

Chloe, sit beside your brother with love,
join him, for he is already on the guided path
from an ever loving father and mother

Your family is not just you, or the two
of Harrison and you, or the four with
mother and father, it is so much more

Today these people here around you,
some of earth and water others of fire and
wind, are here to bear witness to your name

Welcome, Chloe, daughter of earth and water,
today we are here , as a village of old, where these
friends and family will now protect you as you grow


Posted 03/08/2013 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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