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There is a Room

There is a room,
a sacrisity, a
reposity for, sacred
vestments and vessels

There is a room,
a sanctuary, a
reposity for, my
sacred thoughts

for richer or better
for poorer or worse

Between these rooms,
my life has been lived,
a confusing flight
between body and soul

there is a room

In other rooms,
people live and die,
as religion fights, for
their body and soul

for the richer the better
for the poorer the worse

In sacristy rooms, where
meetings are held,
the lives of many, are
bought for a song

In sacristy rooms, where
religion is ruling,
the values of man, have
turned out so wrong

getting richer and richer
getting worse not better

There is a sanctuary
within me, where
I hold to the values,
that shape my core

Knowing vestments and vessels
are just physical things,
it’s from the room in our heart
where our kindness will roar

there is a room


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