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There is a Room   Leave a comment

There is a Room

There is a room,
a sacrisity, a
reposity for, sacred
vestments and vessels

There is a room,
a sanctuary, a
reposity for, my
sacred thoughts

for richer or better
for poorer or worse

Between these rooms,
my life has been lived,
a confusing flight
between body and soul

there is a room

In other rooms,
people live and die,
as religion fights, for
their body and soul

for the richer the better
for the poorer the worse

In sacristy rooms, where
meetings are held,
the lives of many, are
bought for a song

In sacristy rooms, where
religion is ruling,
the values of man, have
turned out so wrong

getting richer and richer
getting worse not better

There is a sanctuary
within me, where
I hold to the values,
that shape my core

Knowing vestments and vessels
are just physical things,
it’s from the room in our heart
where our kindness will roar

there is a room


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Family   1 comment

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Loneliness   Leave a comment

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Mixed Ways   Leave a comment

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In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti   Leave a comment

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

Go, he said – I ran
White surplice, black cassock
my polished shoes
A church bell to be rung

Sunday, Mass, the offering
In dead Latin I served
I never understood the words only
When to ring the Sanctus bell

Kneeling to pray, this world
Of faith confused me
Young, when my father died
I felt I lost what little I had

Yet I still knew
To ring the Sanctus bell
Even if I didn’t know why
They were to be rung

A joyous sound it tells me now
Those bells of church and altar
I just rung them loud enough
To keep me out of hell

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti


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The Youngest Son Drew Pictures   Leave a comment

The smell of geranium and rose drew him back
To a time of youth, short pants and church
Back into the musty smell of a confessional box
Where as many lies were told as were confessed

She, dressed the altar when asked
Roses, lilies, geraniums, fresh garden cut
She was a woman of unwavering faith
She could see, what the boy could not

The flowers quivered when the choir sung
For here also was a just and true man of faith
His booming voice reaching the heavens
Carried on the scent of his tendered flowers

Together they made offerings to above
Forever secure and sound in their liturgy
From the spiritual to the physical
Their religion of faith and place defined them

The youngest son drew pictures on the dusty floor

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Lost Voice   Leave a comment

voice deleted

it says it all

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