Of Rock and Roll   2 comments

Of rock ‘n’ roll

I didn’t know if
her rock ‘n’ roll
and mine were
playing to the same beat
but with the devil we danced

We moved

she was a little wiser
and her moves were a dream
the colours that she threw
they grew and grew the
whites and greens the ever blues

I didn’t know

that her rock ‘n’ roll
had more soul than mine
and that as we danced the years
our melody was fading
time was running away

We gazed at the world

I looked and saw the green of leaves
she looked deep and saw the rust within
I searched and saw the blue of ocean
she swam and drowned in the rubbish of man
I felt the soil beneath my feet

She cried

for still I could not see
that her rock ‘n’ roll and
mine were not together
I was singing Allegro, she Adagio
as slowly she was losing her mind

This daughter of earth

lava flowing through
the veins of her existence
and where once before
her waters had ran deep
now there was none to flow

As the music slowed

the dance became,
the dance became,
the dance became
a stumble, a jumble
of rock and waltz

And only then did I see

that rock ‘n’ roll,
the dance, that fever
we had shared was gone,
exploited by the human fate
of ever greed fuelled dreams

Where hindsight sees

I know her rock ‘n’ roll
and mine were now
dancing to a different beat
and our faded old sheet music
was destined for another dream

I loved her rock and roll,
her soul, her tattered heart
and dreams but now I see
this daughter of the earth
I …

I have nothing but her screams


Posted 27/04/2013 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

2 responses to “Of Rock and Roll

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  1. The potential lost moved me. Rock ‘n’ roll, just like every day, every life. Thanks for this post. ~LD

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