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Do some poetry man
It’s a place, to let your words hang
To let your metaphors bang
Where you words score
Better than scrabble
Do some poetry man

I’ve seen you, on the streets
Looking tough and mean
Slinging off at the crowds
You give them curses
But they want verses
Do some poetry man

You throw words, through the air,
Like you don’t care
Impressing no one
Just a jumble of verbs
That will never be done
Do some poetry man

It’s there, there’s a beat to be had
Words to be said
The people crying
Don’t leave ‘em dying
Share ‘em while you can
Can you do poetry man?

You got a conscience
You feel the times
The future,
And all your rhymes
Can change the world
So do some poetry man

You know that feeling,
Deep within,
If you don’t let it out
It’s then a sin
So why don’t you
Do some poetry man


Posted 19/04/2013 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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