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Her Circus of Incalculable Dreams   4 comments

Her Circus of Incalculable Dreams

She was the guardian of the seasons in between
A sylphlike figure of silent flowing grace
Bound within the time and space of strand
Marigolds grew in the margins of her dreams

With eyes sweet flowing in vibrant watercolours
She had danced upon a dandelion moon
And when drawn into the monotony of waiting
She had bid farewell to the god of seasons

Starting on each seventh moon of seventh year
From fragrant heartwood buried deep within
Her soul would carve a cleansing circumstance
So the seasons in between could take their form

In reflections lost within the devils morning
She had cast aside the vanity of Vertumnus’ sin
And in her circus of incalculable dreams
Commenced the decoration of the seasons new


As the Shroud Burns   Leave a comment

The Shroud Burns

Time comes when all,
shall be reborn

Life to afterlife there is
tradition, ceremony

Before final dressing
the body is prepared

Washed to cleanse
with gentle hands
some, will be anointed
with aromatic balms

Then, for one last time,
gazed upon in glory

Wrapped in shroud,
from sight concealed
comes a time to rejoice,
when set upon the pyre

Fire of body and spirit
Purified in flaming energy

Then the soul will be reborn
When the shroud burns

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The Stockman   2 comments

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Gaia   4 comments

To show you my faith
my unwavering belief
in the words you write

written on the wind
flying in the sands
flowing in the rivers
falling from the sky

I will lay and embrace you
as only a son or daughter can
My Greek goddess you personify earth
You are in many tongues, Mother Earth

Gaia, Love, Life

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From five minutes of my life   Leave a comment

the music whispers
the heart listens
the wind blows
the soul feels

fragile upon the moon
the sun shines

water flows
from snowfields
crisp upon white
salmon swims

upon time
the earth turns

two hands clasp
two eyes meet
two bodies touch
two lips kiss

fragile reflection
from moon to earth

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