It’s Still All Mine   8 comments

Fat cat politicians
something’s missing

That’s right
no soul
just a hole for
the money splash
no cheques
just cash
can’t have it
traced back

Sold out
bailed out
by politicians
in the pocket
of tossers
and wankers
not just American
but Australian

for the family

New chairs
for fat arses
in parliament house
and education classes on
How to Rip the Public in 10 Easy Lessons

We don’t get
what we pay for
cause we don’t pay enough
or so they say
gee that’s tough
a little rough
but do we get
what we deserve

That’s what they think

We deserve this
we need to preserve this
and I’ll reserve this little
piece of information
till I leave this

I gotta have an edge
to still get things done
when I’ve left this house
when my time has run
Gold pass travel anywhere
I’m an ex politician and
I don’t have to share
Because at any time

It’s still all mine


Posted 17/02/2013 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Story Writing, Uncategorized

8 responses to “It’s Still All Mine

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  1. Lovely poem! Good concept, good rhymes. We need a change of mindset in our political systems. It is time to start having the people in mind and not the money.
    Your post is rich with facts.

    • thanks teecee – you are so right – it’s getting that change of mindset that is hard – but if we don’t try we can never succeed … tony

  2. Awesome. Familiar territory for my writing too no doubt. Well done!

  3. Well said Tony! Love the rhymes throughout.

  4. AS others have noted, great rhymes throughout, also great rhythm, it reads very well, style suits the subject so nicely. I love not just how you’ve expressed them, but also the very thoughts you put before us. I have a poem on a (I think) similiar theme, love to know what you think, here’s a link Kevin

    • thanks Kevin – I’ve commented elsewhere on this piece, that it is so sad that a poem such as this has so much truth in it. I really like your piece – especially the “indecipherable tit bits of truth” and the fact that your words are so true – “they always lie to us” … tony

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