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The Surgeon   1 comment

Hands scrubbed
Face masked
Skin pale
Scalpel sharp
One deep breathe
Calm the nerves
Steady the hand
Follow the curves
Slow moving scalpel
Clammy skin
Thick line of red
Bubbles from within
Hands of steel
No ordinary man
one life to save
if he can
Waiting for word
Children and spouse
the hours so endless
No episode of House
Complete the surgery
No moral concerns
an ethical practice
in modern terms

Surgery now over
another life saved
Years of training
Repaid each day


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The Photographer   1 comment

See the light
Is it just right
Capture it how
Capture it now
10 seconds
Damn – too long
The moment gone

Arms aching
Shot is coming
Camera ready
I can’t put it down
Keep the camera steady

To capture
On a tripod
By a bi-pod
Don’t rush
Don’t jerk
Gently press
An art on earth

By the rules
Portraits on stools
Into the light
Gather my sight
Filter away
Zoom or stay

Do I crop
Do I straighten
Keep it natural
Too much grass
Not enough sky

There it was
Felt it coming
Shot in the air
Momentum showing
Gentle the light
Kept it tight
At last – the image right

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Complete   2 comments

I write words that snake from underneath my skin
In nuance form they bring my thoughts to physical form,
a rising conscience, no matter how small they be
On the days on which I write, my mind is clear and
you are witness to my cliched hopes and dreams
Know that the words I write are as true to any feeling,
as heart felt of any painted scenery ever before you
Today I enjoy the pleasure of my words
No one can know what tomorrow may bring so
I cast my words to the world for all to read,
and if just one may find some pleasure or
solace within them, my words and time
have not, and will never have been, wasted

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The Worst   5 comments

Without poets like me, there would be no great poetry!!!

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Community   4 comments

you are
my brother
my sister
my father and mother

you are the stage
where I embrace you
listen to your voice
feel your words

you are the dream
the forever lover
hold my hand so that
we can walk together

you are the rainbow
without question
you are the heart
which fires my soul

I listen to your music
you are the flow
the stream of life
the rhythm of time

you are any of this
you are all of this
in yourself you are
what we all should be


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Dance the Rail   2 comments

They tap the light of shoulder rain
Floating on breeze across quiet sky

Where water course of dreams flow
It is in the intention that they fail

Like trains they rush

Their duality of being inhabits one space
But their singular transparency of self hides

On tracks of symmetry they may run
But they move in opposite directions

Rails unbending

Beyond the facade of social norm
The soul knows the truth of meaning

Like blue of sky and green of grass
close upon each other, but never one


Sunbeams dance the molten rail
Where their soul forever in rainbow lies

Touching once more the heart
Unknown to others they will live

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