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Oh no – 666 comments on this blog – should I be afraid, very afraid :-) Someone please take me to 667 !   2 comments


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the universe sings
it is full of stars

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Brisbane – Poetry Open Words   1 comment

Thank you for another great night at Poetry Open Words in Brisbane and thank you for those that turned up – it is greatly appreciated. A great little gig with lots of words. Thank you.

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Our bodies are the physical proof of poetry – EOM (End of Message)   3 comments

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She Has This Way   9 comments

I read her hands like others read faces
I see expressions in their movements
that create a thousand narrations

She – has this way

I watch the curl of her fingers,
see them touching, pointing –
know the palms of her hands,
feel them calloused, worn

She wears kitchen scars with honor
For all their years of war,
they have also made peace

She – has – this way

Veins web the back of her hands wherein
beautiful shades of dark red course
Olive skin glows and mellows the effects
of sun and harsh times

Her nails, are manicured – this intrigues
Do they lead another life –
which storybook am I reading?

She has – this – way

Fingers run softly through hair,
teasing, stroking
They trace lines of passion
on lovers bare skin

I read her hands like others read faces
They have never risen in anger,
for her, they speak in love

She has this – way

She has this way

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