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This life will not be shortened
by omitting terms or definitions
It will not be embarrassed

Interest in owning or acquiring
in this life may be nought
But there will be sentiment

Some will say this life may not
conform to standard; so be it
The unfamiliar is not new to me

To be independent in thought
I am free in mind and body
Not bound in time or space

Without aid or assistance I may
lack awareness in the dangerous
Yet this will carry no emphasis

Where goals sound impossible
or endeavours not heard
Una corda – I use the soft pedal

My words may appear not finished
neither accounted nor explained
But this life seeks no approval

Life should be without adornment
not subject to reproof or rebuke
It should be led with intensity


Posted 22/11/2012 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Story Writing, Uncategorized

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