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The Negatives of War   5 comments

The Lost Diggers are a collection of glass plate negatives of Australian diggers and other soldiers from World War 1. They were taken in the town of Vignacourt.

The Negatives of War

Glass plate negatives,
headstones of history,
fragile, precious, irreplaceable.
Of my heart they pull at strings.
Keep me away in case my tears
run and the images disappear
like the sands of time.

Was this their youth captured,
a last great adventure
from a Boys Own Annual.
One last hurrah, a last kiss
last glass of wine, all this
before their final fray,
their last charge into battle.

Of place and time not spoken,
into the heart of Vignacourt
these men had marched.
Many never to return,
today they live within the grey,
that not quite black or white
captured image from the past.

See their look of nonchalance
Aussie men from sunburnt land,
with smile for photographer found.
Clean shaven faces, laconic smiles,
irreverence there in every grin,
You would not know that they were less
than twenty miles from battle front.

With bandolier over shoulder rest,
slouch hat and webbing belt, upon the
collar, a badge of Rising Sun.
Pips and stripes some wore, some none.
Puttees wound from ankle to knee,
breeches and braces uniform maintain.
Cigarette in mouth to draw.

Photographers Louis and Antoinette
for many years now gone, with them,
for a time, their treasure lost in farm attic.
We wonder, did they grasp the history,
did they know the souls they found
in the mothers son and child’s father
they preserved for future kind.


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This life will not be shortened
by omitting terms or definitions
It will not be embarrassed

Interest in owning or acquiring
in this life may be nought
But there will be sentiment

Some will say this life may not
conform to standard; so be it
The unfamiliar is not new to me

To be independent in thought
I am free in mind and body
Not bound in time or space

Without aid or assistance I may
lack awareness in the dangerous
Yet this will carry no emphasis

Where goals sound impossible
or endeavours not heard
Una corda – I use the soft pedal

My words may appear not finished
neither accounted nor explained
But this life seeks no approval

Life should be without adornment
not subject to reproof or rebuke
It should be led with intensity

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Inamorata, inamorato
lover, woman, man
Growing in warmth
bodies glow
giving fragrant odour
as they burn
They pray to continue
without end or interruption
The unreality of matter
defies expression or description
To gratify desire there is
a ritual recitation of words
This is the beginning
The cause to flow forth
To feel, to be

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He   2 comments

He ran plays in a mind
still insecure
He wore with grace
the less generous
thoughts of others,
yet not by hand
Heart breaks
The years had passed
but even now
he felt still haunted
He cried
when memories
searched for reason
He saw within his life
an absence,
a need
He had tripped
no light fantastic
The beautiful times
had belonged to the
beautiful people
He was not one of them
Life deals a hand to all
He knew
He accepted
He …
he …
He wakes and drives
himself to drudgery
He will be

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As It Was Written   8 comments

He hides behind  his the  his humour

laughter  incces  incessant, loud


Bravado wears his face

hiding, masking

crying tears

The years ha veworn  drawn down

upon  the lines upon  of  his life

the constant


away  has been

down   the  way  path

often obscured

of linear and  /or  otherw ise ays


There w as ere the times

a decision  choices made

but you live by


this wa i s the life

he live s d

the tru e th he chose

Does Is Was  it worthwhile

This   A journey calls upon the heart

will this  journey

Will this journey will n ever end

this journey

The  laughter sounds

Bravado  rules wears  his face

Two faced

Was he one or two

having two poles


Three times  the cock crowed

Choices  made

a path chosen



Trust truth

trust and truth

explore d ing the  words  worlds

Despite the  non calm  question s ing s

the   his path  is was set

Did he  dare t

o show  the  his liberty

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White Blue   2 comments

in blue skies
white clouds
minds soar
as vessels

of liquid sand
these brittle
fluted shapes


they form
an outline
a contour to
frame a view
within the heart

now feel the shape
the countenance
of face

and know the pulse
of affirming

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