We Talk Country Love   4 comments

Lazy, hazy, hot summer afternoon
Breeze flows through open window
Pollen drifts over still bodies
As white cotton clouds billow

Crisp and white the bed is dressed
The ornate fan turns slow overhead
Spiders curl in corners upon the floor
Too hot for them to climb the vj walls

Face down we lay on scented feather bed
Base sprung in country farmhouse old
I rise and blow a gentle breeze across her back
A shiver passes through her

I move fingers down her back in line of four
Her body arches
A bead of sweat drops from upper lip
Motion slow

In the low afternoon light shadows cast
Upon words hanging in seductive air
Slow tapping fingers tell a tale on spine
Of words worth a poets dream

We talk in whispers between breaths of love
Sound of rustling breeze marches in rhythm
Summer country love, dry air, bodies drenched
The sky is endless, like the moment


Posted 19/10/2012 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

4 responses to “We Talk Country Love

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  1. This is wonderfully beautiful.

  2. Very sensual!

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