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A Night of TV Sights   2 comments

In the Lost Gardens I felt Minuscule
But this was not new to me
Like Miranda, they felt not like old,
but, more like New Tricks
A certain Waking the Dead moment

In the Night Garden there were
Spicks and Specks of this and that
If Video Killed the Radio Star then it
was filmed in the Pineapple Dance Studio,
there under the Friday Night Lights

The night The Roast and Gypsy Blood
ended My Transsexual Summer was the
night I knew I was no Iron Man
All I can now say is, Stay Tuned,
it will be a Good Game, no Prank Patrol

One Plus One in The World This Week
may lead to Better Homes and Gardens
but Planet America is not The World and
Today Tonight is Borderline at best
Doc Martin has told me to Escape to the Country

Big Brother told me that The Big Bang Theory
was not the way the world began
but that a Modern Family could be
nothing more than a M.A.S.H up
if we did not Get Smart in this Micro Nation

All along the Coast the She Wolves roamed
7 up, 14 up, 21 up, 28 up – all seen on Satellite News
It was a Fantasy Island with Singapore Flavours
Where could I go wrong, it was not like
my Friends were Sensing Murder


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Nights of Might   6 comments

Light up the streets
Light up the nights
Nights with music
Nights of fire
Fire your soul
Fire your dream
Dream like poets
Dream to scream
Scream with vision
Scream with words
Words to write
Words to learn
Learn your future
Learn your past
Past is history
Past is lost
Lost reflections
Lost to find
Find your words
Find the crimes
Crimes of trust
Crimes of greed
Greed for losers
Greed deceives
Deceives the people
Deceives their needs
Needs are many
Needs are tough
Tough on all
Tough enough
Enough is enough
Enough to share
Share your ways
Share your days
Days in crowds
Days to laugh
Laugh it off
Laugh it loud
Loud is heard
Loud to save
Save the earth
Save and change
Change government
Change minds
Minds to move
Minds of might
Might of man
Might of right

Right …
Man …

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We Talk Country Love   4 comments

Lazy, hazy, hot summer afternoon
Breeze flows through open window
Pollen drifts over still bodies
As white cotton clouds billow

Crisp and white the bed is dressed
The ornate fan turns slow overhead
Spiders curl in corners upon the floor
Too hot for them to climb the vj walls

Face down we lay on scented feather bed
Base sprung in country farmhouse old
I rise and blow a gentle breeze across her back
A shiver passes through her

I move fingers down her back in line of four
Her body arches
A bead of sweat drops from upper lip
Motion slow

In the low afternoon light shadows cast
Upon words hanging in seductive air
Slow tapping fingers tell a tale on spine
Of words worth a poets dream

We talk in whispers between breaths of love
Sound of rustling breeze marches in rhythm
Summer country love, dry air, bodies drenched
The sky is endless, like the moment

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Not the Way It’s Supposed To Be   6 comments

Bright fluro sticks glow in the early evening
casting shadows on garlands of dying flowers
Messages of loss rest under empty beer cans
alongside bottles of Jack left for the passing over

She sits cross legged on the ground in silence
and does not appear to feel the cold of air or earth
Maybe to do so would mean reminding herself
that he also rests in a place absent of warmth

Caught in the headlights of many passing cars
few see her and even less will think of her
But for now this is where she comes each night
because all children deserve to be tucked in

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