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To Lay the Pencil Down   8 comments

The time has come the writer said
With the lead in my 2B now gone
This phase in life, this turn of phrase
The line as written now way too long

Of pursuits unknown to search the land
To capture the essence within a breath
This worded page, this flowing ink
The well is dry, full stop, no regrets


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Tumult   2 comments


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A Limited Conversation   6 comments

In old men’s wisdom I listened to their words,
for to drink an ocean, it has to start with one sip

I walked the road I did not want to write
and found it potholed with clichés and metaphors

It was there, under great lights, that a thousand hands
struck and blew my mind on cigarettes

I’ll put you in the picture

I put her heart back where I found it
for it had been done to death by poets

I am a reader with small thoughts and there
between the stone roses I read her words

The sound in her writing; as her words cried the
ink ran and a score of blackbirds flew from the paper

I have often thought of myself born too early

“Alright sweet bird, now fly away” she cried
with sun beating down on milling crowd of ghosts

“She looks like …..” then the voice trails off to a whisper
before saying, “someone I knew”

The band played goodnight as snippets
of overheard conversations lay rested on the floor

When did they turn the lights off?

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Out of Time   5 comments

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The Winter of Forgotten Gods   2 comments

The Winter of Forgotten Gods

The winter felt long
heavier maybe than last year

Elesy stood, engulfed in curtains of mist,
her dark brooding, evident within the swirling
black cumulus clouds surrounding her

Her companion, the god Aiolos, keeper
of storm winds, squalls and tempests
stood in solemn stance protecting

Standing behind them in the winds of Aiolos
I watched, feeling heavy of limb

Elesy stood, her heart wrenched from within
The cold of winter seeping into her body
Where was the warmth of love she craved

Another body of love taken from her
Another failure of Aphrodite
It was not my fault she screamed

The winter felt long
buffeted by the winds of Aiolos

She wanted to dream of times of Apollo
but they became nightmares, haunted
by Ares, the god of war and blood-lust

Elesy, Elesy, Elesy, search for your love
Life is not lost, not even amongst the gods
Artemis, virgin goddess of the hunt, caresses

The winter may feel long, but it is no heavier
You are a goddess of self who will find love

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I Want to Write like Shakespeare   14 comments

I wanted to write,
like Shakespeare.
I wanted my words to
fight fire with fire,
to make your hair
stand on end.

I had seen others
wear their heart
upon their sleeves,
their words
a naked truth
in a brave new world.

Words worthy,
or just a piece of work
for goodness sake.
With baited breath
I have waited for mine.
Instead I am sorry sight.

With writing not
for the faint hearted,
come what may
I should make my
green eyed monster
vanish into thin air.

I have wanted to
write like Shakespeare,
for my words to take me
out of the jaws of death
and to show to others,
my brave new world.

Yet my words now fail like a bad
knock, knock! who’s there?
They were to be my
be all and end all
but I have failed,
and now sent packing

I had wanted to write
like Shakespeare, but my
skills have, seen better days
Now as I have read my last
maybe I have written my last also

Maybe I should write like me instead

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