Out of Time   4 comments

Rip it up
Rip it out
Out of sight
Out of mind
Mind over matter
Mind the chatter
Chatter is cheap
Chatter is free
Free the forest
Free the trees
Trees are green
Trees are life
Life for living
Life is missing
Missing a point
Missing a mark
Mark time
Mark my words
Words can lie
Words can die
Die in the mind
Die in the soul
Soul of a man
Soul to be sold
Sold for money
Sold for greed
Greed is good
Greed is need
Need for riches
Need for land
Land to grab
Land the plan
Plan for mining
Plan to be gone
Gone the earth
Gone the song
Song of a forest
Song of the now
Now is the time
Now is the hour
Hour of redemption
Hour of fate
Fate in a world
Fate without grace
Grace in life
Grace in time
Time for a sign
Time for death


Posted 04/07/2012 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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4 responses to “Out of Time

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  1. I have been feeling deeply for the Trees, as though a wave of deep mourning hovers

  2. Excellently written.

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