On the Streets of My Town   Leave a comment

A tear of paper blows across the road
as leaves flow in the dry gutter
Half smoked cigarette butts litter the way,
Ground into the asphalt footpath
It’s 7am, the crowds have gone,
just the rabble remain,
and the shortening cue for the taxi
In the back alleys of our cities
the vomit of a hundred drunks
swirls with the urine of two hundred more
Even when open, the nightclubs couldn’t cope
This is not just the domain of men as many
a woman has squatted behind the garbage bins
Some of the young stumble, while others sleep
the park benches crowded with one shoed bodies
Used condoms litter the city parks
as young girls go home minus their panties
Young men brag – I broke her in…
A young girl cries
The police wait in side streets
or on main roads – it doesn’t matter
idiots will drive anywhere drunk
Chinatown, the Valley, the Cross
the names may change but little else
it’s the same result no matter the town
Used needles and syringes
so many can suffer – even the street cleaner
Which death hurts less, the overdose
or the long road to death for the innocent
after a needle stick injury
Let’s face it – neither is pleasant
One punch can kill, but so can one drink
so can one needle and so can one act
of unprotected sex
We are they future they cry
before one more act of false bravado
Look at me – I can spit on a copper…
The streets of my town once paved with gold
Yet now they seem little more than
decaying piles of archaeological history
created with the bodies of our youth
A child learns at the feet of its parents
What the hell was the story we were trying to tell


Posted 07/05/2012 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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