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As The Horny Horns Played On   2 comments

The Horny Horns played funkadelic as the sound of

trombone, sax and trumpet rent the air

There within the music, minds travelled

to where beats of soul echoed through the psyche


Always in the groove giving life to sound; sound to life

Closed eyes, beating heart and open mind

“Get up for the down stroke, everybody get up” they sang

Words delivered, psychedelic rock and a little soul and funk


Their wild colours vibrated as the music wailed

Bodies writhed in ecstasy across the dance floor

where breasts heaved as the music rolled on

The band played as the fans roared


Soul in abundance, crescendo of sound

This sound, this beat, a generation unique

trombone, sax and trumpet played the score

The Horny Horns played funkadelic.


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Denial   9 comments

Denial is the cancer within
yet we live with it every day
and believe in what it says

Do we really believe that a woman
asks to be raped just by the clothes she wears
Denial of mans responsibility

Do we truly believe the words of politicians
as they fill their pockets with greed and power
Denial of a truth

Why do we close our eyes as another
battered wife tries to hide her bruises
Denial of the blatantly obvious

Why do we believe that justice is true
that only the guilty are found so
Denial that the judicial system is not always fair

The signs of the times slip our minds
and we all should be doing time
For our denial, to me, is the biggest crime

Remember – Denial is not a river in Egypt

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Symbols   6 comments

It is in the grace of this world

That your soul is revealed

There where the earth abounds

We find many are your faces

From the waters that you pour

Are fed the seeds of eternal life

Within the depths of earthly fire

We begin the cleansing of mind

Found in every breath of air we take

We find it purified by your pain

And know that in the ether realms

Your home belongs in the heavens

We listen to the sounds, the chants

In calm the salutations we share

Our belief attained through awareness

Of great utterances known so true

For now they become the absolute reality

On the ground upon which we walk

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High Country   2 comments

How did they exist there on the high plains
So cold, but the countryside so beautiful
The stars seen were ten thousand fold
Wild horses thundered across the land

This land was forged on an anvil in time
Snow gums twisted in the winter
They share the hearth around a simple fire
Where the warmth of home will nurture all

Daily they work the land to survive
Into the countryside each day they trek
Cutting timber, bullock team drag
Stock on the run, a whip to crack

Gold dredges scrape the valley floors
Sluicing races and rock stacks abound
The fever runs through as rumors rife
Plenty of gold for hard working folk

Bogong High Plains are summer drawn
Where the grazing cattle dot the land
Hardy breed born of ancient stock
And that’s true of both men and women

The backbone to any dynasty
She is up two hours before dawn
Feeding her man to sustain him
More than a wife in so many ways

First thing in the morning last at night
The cattleman gazes upon his better half
City born for sure, but not city bred
It’s only the snakes that cause her fear

Side by side working the earth
A loving glance, a quick hold the hand
Children raised in love and care
The high country giving birth to all

Time will come when things will change
No timber slab hut will they engage
But soul and spirit will always remain
In the plains and peaks of the High Country

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In 15 Minutes   Leave a comment

A light breeze blows from the southeast
The water ripples, then slightly dimples
Overhead a pelican circles, watching
The sun is hot for a winter’s day

Having tested the water – had a look
A fisherman will cast his baited hook
Loving couple, slowly, hand in hand
Walking, leaving footprints in the sand

Families carefree their cameras snapping
The Redcliffe seaside markets full to capacity
Dogs on leads, hats on heads, plastic bags
The sound of noisy crows, so mad

Lithe suntanned bodies litter the shore
There under a cloudless sky so blue
Sounds of children, dogs and music in the air
People strolling by without a care

It’s after lunch now, the resting time
Slowly bodies lay to the ground to rest
Eye lids slowly closing, sun on back so warm
Rest sleep sleeping …………

The fisherman lands his catch on the shore
A pair of beautiful legs catches my eye
Feeling generous the fisherman return his catch
The pelican swoops and swallows it before it escapes

Inviting though the ocean may look this day
This is winter and the water is too cold to swim
Again those legs catch my eye – I look up
Damn – that man has the most perfect legs

In 15 minutes

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If Love Is   12 comments

If love is never easy
Why is it so easy to fall in love?
If love is there for all to see
Why do we have to search for it?
If love is such a pleasure
Why can it cause such pain?
If love is so rewarding
Why do we make such sacrifices for it?
If love is like a sunshine day
Why can it be as dark as night
If love is
Why can I ………

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If I Saw You   2 comments

If I saw you crying would I wipe away your tears
If I saw you in pain would I provide you comfort
If I saw you searching for love would I give you mine
If I saw you with a heavy load would I offer to share
If I saw you being hurt would I step in to prevent it
If I saw you with no voice would I speak for you
If I saw you in poverty would I raise you up
If I saw you trying to fly would I give you wings
If I saw you cold and shivering would I give you warmth
If I saw you could not see would I be your eyes

If I saw you
Know that I would
For I love all that I see in you

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