Life is Full of Clichés   9 comments

At this point in time for me
and at the end of the day
It was all a dream come true
especially in this day and age

I was cool, calm and collected
as I went the whole nine yards
Where thinking outside of the box
with tools of the trade not that hard

So as I climbed the corporate ladder
riding the road to success
I would often extol the virtues
that a cleansing ale was best

Today if you are to walk the talk
you will need the runs on the board
For time catches up with all of us
on the increasingly steep learning curve

It doesn’t get any better than this
as you wend your weary way
Where words are often inadequate
for the young people of today

But the harsh reality and fact of life
as we embrace the whole box and dice
Is time is money, with backs to the wall
rationalization has been advised

The commercial reality of what we do
on a regular daily basis
has a convergence of synergies going forward
that will test our strategic stasis

So – once you scope the problem
and have run it up the mast
Look at each case on its merits
push the envelope, a final pass

There is no ambiance in this rat race
and you’ll just have to wait and see
whether the buy-in to the value chain
is the outcomes orientation we need

But be sure to take the holistic approach
when you keep me in the loop
We’ll wipe the slate clean after you touch base
with the ball in your court your no dupe

So with family and friends to support you
And everything now shipshape
Your time for a sea change has come
Don’t again leave it all too late


Posted 16/04/2012 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

9 responses to “Life is Full of Clichés

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  1. awsome poem….

  2. Clever and not so cliched ‘awesome.’ A concept I had been toying with and you beat me to it.

    Best regards


  3. You’re on target!

  4. a short glimpse of real world. very true and very beautifully written. life is so hectic now that time truly is more costly than money.

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