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We Drove the Hume   Leave a comment


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In ’76 We Drove the Hume   9 comments

In ’76 we drove the Hume
at a hundred miles an hour
We made a third lane on a two lane road
and we were heading north

Young and invincible at the wheel
we drove with the skills of an F 1 driver
but we had cardboard beer cartons on the back seat
and empty stubbies rolling the floor

Sitting three across, no seat belts to buckle, elbows out
With the wind blowing in through open windows
our cigarette ends glowed red in the dark, matching
the eerie shadows cast from the dashboard lights

Status Quo blared from the eight track stereo
three of us, them and 320 miles to travel
This was our first road trip, without thinking
we’d go anywhere for a drink in those days

On the stretches of road where we drove alone
the shadows of giants lined the black top
One mistake at speed would call the reaper
and death not necessarily quick or painless

We drank and drove, told bullshit stories
and dreamed of futures yet to be lived
320 miles we made in a bit under four hours
speed was a demon to be ridden to the limit

The bar was still open when we arrived
the beer cold and the women hot
It was a blur for the next two days
drinking, partying and talking shit

In ’76 we drove the Hume when it was infamous
death scared no one, yet many never survived
Today I look back in horror, we could have died
or worse, we could have killed someone

In ’76 we drove the Hume, but only once

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In Dreams   Leave a comment

Hell – what do I do?
She’d said the words
The ones I wanted to hear
Or so I thought
This is not the plan
How can I continue to be the martyr
If the game is now different
Now that the words have been said
Focus – listen to yourself
What’s your problem?
Finally you are told that you are loved
Yet here you hide
Writing words to no one
You know to whom you should be writing
Saying back to them what they have said to you
Saying I love you
Words said with such heartfelt joy
Never to be used as a toy
Just say to her the feelings that she has for you
Are those that you have felt for her for years
Consequence of silence is not ignored
I love you
Now I say – I love you
You make my heart beat
Not just for love for seriously – you make my heart beat
Without you I just don’t know
My heart would take a tumble, a fall
Just know that I will give to you my all
But what’s that sound – the wind it rips
The thoughts, the words of love all gone
An instant in time
Shattered as I hear the window pane
Rattle in the wooden casing of its frame
The lightning strikes, the wind it runs
Around and through the haunted forest of my mind
Again the dreams
Disturbed once more by the storms
Real and unreal
The words were never said
Not in real life
The dream shattered
Shall I never know how this dream may end?
For there is always something that wakes me
Brings me back to reality before my dream does climax
But maybe that’s the truth in it – the unknown
Let the dream remain a dream for reality is the only truth
What will be – will be
Whether love arrives is yet to be seen
But if it does it will be in reality – not in dreams

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Life is Full of Clichés   9 comments

At this point in time for me
and at the end of the day
It was all a dream come true
especially in this day and age

I was cool, calm and collected
as I went the whole nine yards
Where thinking outside of the box
with tools of the trade not that hard

So as I climbed the corporate ladder
riding the road to success
I would often extol the virtues
that a cleansing ale was best

Today if you are to walk the talk
you will need the runs on the board
For time catches up with all of us
on the increasingly steep learning curve

It doesn’t get any better than this
as you wend your weary way
Where words are often inadequate
for the young people of today

But the harsh reality and fact of life
as we embrace the whole box and dice
Is time is money, with backs to the wall
rationalization has been advised

The commercial reality of what we do
on a regular daily basis
has a convergence of synergies going forward
that will test our strategic stasis

So – once you scope the problem
and have run it up the mast
Look at each case on its merits
push the envelope, a final pass

There is no ambiance in this rat race
and you’ll just have to wait and see
whether the buy-in to the value chain
is the outcomes orientation we need

But be sure to take the holistic approach
when you keep me in the loop
We’ll wipe the slate clean after you touch base
with the ball in your court your no dupe

So with family and friends to support you
And everything now shipshape
Your time for a sea change has come
Don’t again leave it all too late

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Maybe Now Is Not the Time   8 comments

At her word of hello my heart is gone
Her written word is like a tender song
No matter the time between I hear her voice
My mind and soul has so little choice
To live this life drives me insane
Love wanting to share it is no game
I’m lost in the forest of life’s regrets
I just need her love for my future steps
Stronger now I know I should be
Maybe now is not the time for me
Yet come the day to be our chance
I will give that girl a merry dance

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She Wrote The Words   11 comments

She wrote the words one more time
As she had to get them right
For she would no longer be there
When the bastard came home that night

She loved him through the good times
Adored him through the bad
She thought no better husband or father
Had a woman or child ever had

The first time was a gentle push
No really, just a little tap
He’d had a few, a little drunk
She’d soon forget about that

I’m sorry he said, I really am
I don’t know what to say
It’s a coward’s act to hit a woman
I’d rather drown myself at sea

It took six months to happen again
But the time after was only three
Then six weeks and then six days
The broken arm she got for free

What’s happening with you she pleaded?
And got a backhander for her trouble
Shut up woman and get back in your box
Or next time I’ll give you double

The years rolled on without a change
The beatings just got worse
With tears and pain and agony
She felt her life was cursed

She never knew his reasons at all
Yet nothing could ever justify
Him treating his dog better than her
And hitting her again when she would cry

With children gone and all alone
Her thoughts now turned to freedom
To escape the grip of this maniac
Would take all that she believed in

With strength from friends and all
She planned to leave this life
Where she was only a punching bag
And never a loving wife

Her heart beat frantically at her thoughts
She chose her day and planned
The life I deserve now near, she said
No more this poor excuse for a man

He went to work she packed her bags
The taxi ordered she felt elated
With only one chore left to do
He would read the result a few hours later

She wrote the words just one last time
She felt that she had got them right
Succinct and directly to the point
For when the bastard came home that night

Get fucked prick – your punching bag doesn’t live here any more

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In My Dreams   2 comments

In to that crowded land I cross
of sleep and wondrous scenes
To while away the darkened hours
in touching love lost dreams
It’s in this place that caution’s lost
where love is told in truth
Having never felt so much alive
since days long past in youth
Lovemaking full of passion
with the timing always right
It is the one and only place
where we make love all night
Your tenderness exquisite
as our pleasure quiet intense
To have known you is to love you
for to not would make no sense
My dreams awaken spirits old
the time is now for us to live
It may be in a twilight world
but I give you all I have to give
My dreams are so much deeper
and I wake with thoughts retrace
For I wish to stay there longer
within your dream embrace
But as reality awakens all my senses
with the knowledge of what is true
I now know it’s only in nightly dreams
that I will ever belong to you

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