A Spiritual Divide   Leave a comment

I’ve tried a bit of everything
Religious tautology
You know what I mean

In this stormy spiritual divide
Between where men live and where men hide
Can lay a rocky road to salvation or ruin
Where forgotten lives are carelessly strewn

Earliest memories of preaching voice
Dragged into the fold with little choice
Immersed to cleanse the sins of others
An innocent child of a penitent mother

It’s the testament of many and not just the few
that retains the faith between life and you
There in the reading, the understanding the same
that just a test of faith is now all that remains

I’m am unsure what the meanings were
For to me the words were glib
The a cappella vocals
echoed off the silent walls within my mind
I understood so little

I have this belief from younger years,
that for all those early mornings
of serving the fold with faith
I have a bank of goodwill which
will see me attain empyrean heights

In my very human being
From the very core of my existence,
that so called ‘elusive core’,
I live each and every day
by the faith I have in and of myself

I don’t rate italic writings in life
for in my mind, they are pretentious
For me it is the feelings inside
it is the warmth, the ebb and flow of soul
as to how I rate the worth of what I do

So tell me how you know, without having spoken.
How do you espouse the words of someone you have never met?

Bless me father for I have sinned – yes lord
Penitent, prostrate laid before him – yes lord
Pounded daily into my head – yes lord
Given daily my daily bread – yes lord
Blessed thrice upon my knees – yes lord

Saints and sinners strive to please – yes lord
Sign of the cross do it right – yes lord
The rosaries say them every night – yes lord
Holy days follow the church – yes lord
Have no fun this is not for mirth – yes lord

Dictionaries have, when defining words,
an unflagging resolve to set words in concrete
Yet I will argue that the meanings,
for what they once were,
are today no longer relevant

I live my life through
my mind, my body, my soul
as defined by my inner self
not through the definitions of
theologians or academics who do not know me

I dream, about where we could be
not of where we are
This world is waiting for me
and I will live my life
for the benefit of all


Posted 27/03/2012 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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