What One Truly Means   4 comments

I believe
(If it suits me)
In many things
(In very little)

I have faith
(No I don’t)
In many things
(None at all)

I love you
(I love me)
Our love is forever
(Our love will end one day)

You are beautiful
(I want something from you)
I will ring you in the morning
(I got what I wanted)

It’s not about money
(It’s ALL about the money)
I don’t earn that much
(I’m loaded)

I feel for the hungry and poor
(I couldn’t give a toss about them)
I donate plenty of money to charity
(I donate if it’s a tax deduction)

Gee I look good
(Gee I look good)
Seriously – I do look good
(I am seriously good looking)

I believe in God
(I’ll believe when I’m on my deathbed)
I believe in God
(Whichever one serves my purpose)

Politics are important to me
(All politicians are tossers)
I vote for the party who will do the best for the country
(Do I need to say whom I really vote for – c’mon)

Life is a wonderful thing
(My life is wonderful)
Would you care to join me
(In your dreams)


Posted 22/03/2012 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

4 responses to “What One Truly Means

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  1. It’s funny how we so seldom say what we mean…

  2. This is so true, very well written 🙂

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