And My Heart Runs With Memories   Leave a comment

As we approached our last farewell
With the spirit in your heart waning
It was love that welled in my eyes

I loved you before you left that day
And now against this ageing blue sky
I must call my heart to recount of you

The recollections of our time so strong
Even now I still hunger for your presence
As my heart runs with memories

A simple life for us was no simple thing
And that is how it was with you and I
My God we made our days interesting

My memories flood, a kaleidoscope of emotions
From the highest of highs to the deepest of lows
The days we spent together, a torrent

Fifty years have now somehow passed
And never again did I know such a love
Nor did I forget such times we shared

Spirit, pain, agony, love and lust
Not the only ways by which we were defined
But our romance was all to brief for sure

Know that I have never forgotten the time we had
And although our romance was never to be one for the ages
It was one that was surely never to be forgotten

So all that I have left now, in this my time
Is that which is left in this old fragile mind
And in my heart that runs with memories


Posted 21/03/2012 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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