Life at Night   2 comments

Shadows stretch low over land in the late afternoon sun
Birds fly home to safety before the darkness falls
Dark and menacing clouds replace those cheerful and white
Blue sky disappears as darkness creeps across the land

Trees so full of life in sunlight begin to withdraw
Coldness envelopes and they shiver at the end of day
Foliage turns black to retain warmth for the night
They will become the refuge for creatures to survive

As night begins a new world opens before us looking on
Animals of the day replaced by those of the dark and night
Ground dwellers, night stalkers foraging to survive
Natures harshest time can interrupt the cycle of life

Life survives as paws dig to find the sustenance they crave
Creatures flee from predators to continue their own fight
Whether adult or child, chaser or chased, the struggle goes on
Yet only the fittest and strongest will survive.

Sounds of terror in the night echo around the hills warning all
Cold invades the bodies of those living things great and small
Night frost kills the grass and trees still struggle to survive
Tho come the light all will be forgotten till night falls once again

First rays of sun open up the sky and shed light upon the land
Animals of the night one last time feed to survive the day
Day birds begin to squawk and fly from trees
The night now over and those awake for it, have gone to sleep


Posted 20/03/2012 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

2 responses to “Life at Night

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  1. I am there.

    Writers are few and far between that can make me really see their vision—definitely hooked when…”foliage turns black…”

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