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The Architect   Leave a comment

Sweeping lines
Splendid grace
Aesthetic angles
Reaching space

Gracious curves
Tinted glass
Urban design
Amazing class

Constructed beauty
Landscape plan
Light and shadow
Hand in hand

Social consideration
Designer face
Craftsman style
Built in place

Structural expressionism
Rococo, Queen Anne
Filigree temptations
Residential plans

Imagination seen
Heart and soul
Living structure
Sanctuary the goal


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The Artist   2 comments

One stroke of an artists brush
Bold across canvas
Delicate across paper
Oil or water

Colours bright yet peaceful
Captured faces intense
Landscapes forever rich
Seen with lovers intent

The eye so fine it captures
What we do not see
Detail exact or abstract
Masterpieces all

Exhibit, share with me
Show me your painted world
Naked, clothed, embraced
Open my eyes

Technique, style, heart
Pain and joy equal measure
Bodies voluptuous
Or buildings thin

Smell the lavender
Wipe down the dust
Feel the dirt underfoot
I am there in your work

So talent less am I
To capture what you see
Your paintings so embrace
I feel their warmth

I also feel their pain
See the darkness
Experience the brooding
You capture so well

An artist truly
Your hand your eye
The touch you find
I wish it was me

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Presume   Leave a comment

Will I
Dare I
Could I
Should I

To know you
To understand you

To see through your eyes
To feel through your touch
To understand through your mind

To love you
To embrace you

To excite you like no other
To let you feel as never before
To believe you want me

That you love me
As much as I love you

That you want to feel my touch
That you want to feel my breath
Warm against the nape of your neck

That our lovemaking will be exquisite
That we will then lie together as one

That we will feel and touch and taste as never before
That we will soar through the dreams we hold
That we will reach the heaven to which we aspire

Presume or hope
Either way, know that you have my heart
I presume nothing

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Have You Ever   Leave a comment

Have you ever just had enough?
When for no reason things get tough
Where tears come without a cause
You feel a little choked inside
The heart it flutters jumps aside

Have you ever had really strange thoughts?
Wondered where in heaven their source
Listening to what’s inside your head
And knowing that on any other day
You’d be worried if someone else those words would say

Have you ever done anything totally bizarre?
Driven dangerously reckless in a car
Thought of possibly changing sides
You know what I mean
But hoping you would never be seen

Have you tasted the saltiness of your tears?
Your heart and mind filled with endless fears
There again the heart skipping a beat
Forgive me I just want to cry
No rhyme, no reason, don’t ask me why

Have you ever…
Have you ever….
Damn I can’t find those words in hell
But you know you have a story to tell – somewhere
But your heart is sad, your soul lacking air

Have you ever just said the words?
Whatever they are to whomever your cause
Sat listening to the silence
Or listening to a heart break
Fervently hoping it was not yours

Have you ever kissed the one you truly love?
Have we ever kissed?
Have you ever faced a truth to conquer a fear?
Have you ever rambled on without a cause?
Have you ever listened to yourself no button to pause?

Have you ever just had enough?

No your right – neither have I

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These Are My Words   Leave a comment

You think my heart nothing but a gourd
A simple vessel for you to store your love
Only there for you to slake your thirst
When you wish to imbibe from me

Tumultuous as our relationship may be
I will fight to the depths for my rights
To be free of you if and when I so choose
To be a prisoner of no ones occasional desire

This tempest that you have raised within me
Will give me the power to depose of you
So that no longer will my life be a circus
With you as the ringmaster and me as a clown

This combe I now walk in becomes my sanctuary
And although this valley is short my life is not
For now I look toward the future, not the past
And I will live my life as always, with no regrets

So for now come closer and hear my love
I will tease and tempt you beyond imagination
You will be taken to the brink and returned
All this to be done with naught but a whisper

Know that I do not say these words on impulse
They will not be blown away on the dawn
The wind shall not disperse them or my love
But to be sure, these are my words

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Perfect Creations   2 comments

Such shape and form. How could you not notice? Their fabulous sheen offset only by the lust they implied. To say they perfectly matched her alabaster skin was an understatement, however, that is indeed what they did. In this wonderous moonlight, at five past the hour of one in the morning and with an eerie ground fog slowly rolling in, it was all I could do to keep myself upright as she glided toward me. I looked again, briefly catching the moonlight glint off her perfect creations. I could see their sharpness – the point to all – so to speak. Fully natural or created unnaturally – the question remained in my mind. My heart was beating ever so loud. The drums pounding inside me head confusing my mind as it marched back to find the path that began my perilous journey. Even in the moonlight I could see her beautiful body beneath the sheer fabric covering her body. Her long hair appeared to be touched by a permanent breeze as she leant in to kiss me. I gasped as she dug those beautiful fingernails into my back and it was then I noticed – strange, her teeth seemed pointy and sharp as well.

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A Future – Just Not My Future   4 comments

I don’t want to breed a soldier
A super soldier who can eat
grass and bark to survive

Instead I want a newborn child
where ever they may live
to have enough food to eat instead

I don’t want to build a fighter pilot
to be able for fly 40 hours straight
just so he can drop bombs for longer

What I want is for more pilots
To be able to offer their services
To help fly sick kids to hospital

I don’t want a doctor to change the DNA
of a soldier just so he can run all day and
fight a battle more efficiently when he stops

What I want in a doctor is one who can do
fifty operations in a day (every day) to save
the sight of a third world person in poverty

I don’t want to build a spy who can go
for 90 hours without sleep just to
bring a foreign government down

I do however want there to be more
trained counselors who know how to
talk potential suicide victims down

But you know what I really don’t want? I don’t
want a government that talks peace on one hand and
treats the masses like they are sheep on the other

I want instead a government who won’t pays scientists and
businesses billions of dollars a year just to develop
something not quite human to help them win an invisible war

Stop Human Enhancement Technology

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