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Coffee and Regret   17 comments

They smoked cigarettes and drank instant coffee
sitting on the beer stained wooden verandah
Another struggling morning after,
One too pissed to remember, the other too sober to forget

A wry smile passed between them as they
strained the strong black coffee through their teeth
A soft moan drifted out through the bedroom door
They both turned to see whose room it came from

Years passed, instant coffee still strong and black
Cigarette burns now mixed with the beer stains
When wet they formed intricate patterns on the floor
Their friendship always enduring despite occasional disagreements

As time moved on, eventually each moved on as well
Friendship, destined to be an unchangeable fact of life,
cemented with a simple handshake after one last night of revelry
followed by the ritual morning after of coffee and regret

As the years passed, they moved around the country in opposite directions
Occasionally living in the same town for a while
By now, they both had partners so the coffee and regret was a little less
and the cigarettes were long gone – mostly

By a turn of fate they found themselves living close,
but the mornings of black coffee and cigarettes had finally disappeared
Lucky to catch up once a year, or maybe longer,
where was this friendship for life they both had sworn

He rang him to play golf one day, they talked
They laughed about the mornings spent drinking coffee
I’ll ring you in a few weeks to arrange a game
He rang, but it was six months on and maybe by then it was already too late

He rang on and off for the next two years till finally
the number he rang was no longer connected
“Bastard – I thought he was a mate of mine”, he said
Then moved on, not thinking any more about it

Social networks played their part, he searched for him
there for at least a year or more without success
but then, through a friend of a friend on Facebook
the news hit him like a brick – his mate was dead

Never one to believe, he searched Google in disbelief
and there within the first search of his name
came the words he never wanted to see
Vale Ian V… B……

He was too late, too late to see, too late to be the
friend that he had sworn to be those many years ago
another life cut short, a life taken too early and now,
All I have is a mug of coffee and a new memory of regret


Rhythm or Rhyme   8 comments

I like rhythm and rhyme
music not mime
these words are a blind

I look at the signs
the times
the repetitions in the mind

I feel the beat
the heat
I hear the defeat

from people upset
when goals not met
where everything’s a threat

I like rhythm and rhyme
music not mime
whose is this time?

Poetic, prosaic
however I say it
words can make it

they show if we try
we let go they fly
the words to the sky

from there to here
through the atmosphere
for you and me to …


I like rhythm and rhyme
music not mime
to feel is no crime

Do we stand and fight
knowing it’s right
or steal away in the night

do we hear their cries
see the tears in their eyes
then look away as they die

are we just too slow
too afraid to show
do we hang our heads low

I like rhythm and rhyme
music not mine
their time’s running out

What does it matter
you say as you chatter
but your voice is just clatter

it’s poverty that screams
it’s not in your dreams
it is, what it seems

so spare me your pleading
your incessant bleating
it’s kids with the needing

I like rhythm and rhyme
music not mime
it’s decision time

With danger fraught
if lessons not taught
do we do what we ought

do we get off our arse
or give it a pass
cause they’re not our class

like Abel and Cain
it will all end in pain
no one will gain

I like rhythm and rhyme
music not mime
it’s time

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Write Speak Listen   7 comments

I found my way amongst the love and angst of a thousand different poets
I’ve read the words of their lives, their expectations and beliefs
And of those that I could understand,
I found (and in truth, it is what I already knew)
that I will never reach the heights that they have scaled.

Yet to write the thoughts of the mind in rhyme, or haiku or any other poetic
form is one thing, but to verbally perform those is way beyond my ken
Even as my mind turns and I accept the level of my writing,
knowing that I will continue to write the words that are within me,
for now, I will no longer present those works in spoken word

I will leave for others to do the performances that I so admire
those spinning whirling dervishes of descriptive enunciation,
laced with the dripping tone and texture of their voices loud or soft
I will leave for others to do with their poetic works, that which I
so admire, as I sit back and savour the richness of their words

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Take Me Down   4 comments

Take me down
See my way
Let me go again

Take me down
See my way
Let me go again

Fires burning
Sky falling
Lives ending

Take me down
See my way
Let me go again

See the poor
Hear the score
The rich win again

Take me down
See my way
Let me go again

Justice lost
Governments rot
Barefoot in the alley

Take me down
See my way
Let me go again

The paint is peeling
Buildings decaying
As jobs are taken away

Take me down
See my way
Let me go again

Suburban dreams
Lost in grime
Here we go again

Take me down
See my way
Let me go again

Take me down
See the way
Let us live again

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The Question v the Answer v the Goodbye   2 comments

Hello it’s me – is that you?

Do you?

Do you?

Do you?

Will you let me ask the question first?

Do you love me?

Well do you?

Is that the truth or a lie?

What do you mean?
You know what I mean

Do I?

Are you serious?
Don’t know

Are you serious?
Don’t care

Do you know you’re upsetting me?
Take a chill pill

What did you say?
I said; see the lights on the hill

What did you say?
You heard

Will you say it again?

Why not?
Take a cement pill and harden up?

What did you say?
I said; tea tastes nice in a china cup

Are you sure that is what you said?
Build a bridge and walk it

I said; I think we need more talking

Do you love me?
Michael – I’ve told you before


My name is Tony
You must have the wrong number then – goodbye!

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Keep The Demons at Bay   Leave a comment

Keep the demons at bay
One thought at a time
Words from the heart
Pain in the mind
Spare me the ghosts
At this time in my life
The last thing I need
Is more bloody strife

This mask that I wear
The facade that I show
Is framed by the pain
That will never let go
I still see your face
So clear in my mind
The scent of your body
There for all time

Fundamental to this
In all that we shared
Was the love that we lost
When you failed to care
I gave you an orchestra
What more could I say
The sound in my heart
Meticulous in play

I download my demons
Nearly every day
Disorder in the mind
Feet feel like clay
I hope the grass was greener
From the window you saw
For now you have left me
With an out of tune score

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The Person to Our Left   4 comments

To be
at the end of the world

When the rivers have ceased to run
When the oceans have disappeared
When life teeters on the brink

When the sky burns toxic red
When from microbe to monolith
The life we know almost gone

We need to look into the eyes
Of the person to our left and say
I now cease to look to the past

I will not blame the past
I will not blame the wars
I will not blame the greed

I may not like
What the past has made
But now I make a choice

For this world to survive
I must look to the future
We must look to the future

To you – the person to my left I say
The time for this world is from now
This is the time for love of all

In the hope this world will not die
I will give to you in my last days
A love of world and a love of all mankind

With you the person to my left
One person at a time
I look to the future

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