Life and Lover   Leave a comment

In a darkened room set for lovers
Drink the draught of life to please
Raise the rivers and let them flow
Dam the breeches midnight ease

Freedom walking, talking, soaring high
Birds in wonder with amazing flight
If taking stock of ancient rhymes
The runes of earth modern day delights

Run on, Leonardo’s brain Picasso’s skill
An artistic horizon for all to enjoy
The calendar to end the agnostics’ darkness
With cultural days now a dream no more

To finding the lovers hidden heart
By a humble man on bended knees
As ancient believers praise the find
Golden haired woman, lover to please

Golden band of love no jail for life
A deep-sea wreckage can be reborn
Spiritual calling or a dream never ending
Nothing can stop this majestic storm

So no shredded thoughts from other times
No provocateur heart wrapped up inside
Still searching the soul, departure wild
Where life and lover will walk side by side


Posted 25/01/2012 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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