I Talk   7 comments

I talk and listen in tongues
But not in the tongue of the Pentecostal

I talk in tongues to the trees, where their words
Flow when the wind blows through their leaves
I listen and hear their cries as they bleed
I talk in tongues as I touch the earth that cradles them

Can’t you hear their words as they cry out
They warn: once we’re gone, we’re gone
Ensure my life, not my extinction
I live, I breathe, and you need me

I may not know the words in French or German
But I understand the words in tongues no matter where the land
Listen now to the words you choose to ignore
We are the trees, we live; death, dying, murder

I talk and listen in tongues
But not in the tongue of the Pentecostal

I listen now as the river talks to me
Barely a whisper just before it drowns … save me
I was once so mighty but now look at me
Can you even hear me, do you even listen for me

I hear as it calls, can you stop this cancer that kills
Can you cure me, can you save my life
I want to flow, I want to be wild
But I have these walls inside that restrict me

I listened as the river told me of the toxins in its veins
Of the weight of garbage dragging it down
How before we played with it, but now we despise it
I tried to speak of reassurance but I think I have failed

I talk and listen in tongues
But not in the tongue of the Pentecostal

I turned my ears and voice to the sky
The sound was deafening, my voice seemed so inadequate
I saw her lungs were choking on the fumes we belched
Like acid, raw and infecting, eating the sky away

I wanted to say I know the answers, to talk and comfort the sky
But how could I admit that the answers were within my grasp
How can I say I talk in tongues and understand their words,
When I choose to ignore all their pleas before me

My ears ache, my tongue is dry and parched, I am over talking
But I have this feeling that I am not the only one
As I am sure the trees, the rivers and the sky are over it too
For I talk and listen in their tongues, not that of the Pentecostal

Posted 12/01/2012 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

7 responses to “I Talk

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  1. Interspecies communication has to be at the level of spirit, transcending language, and therein true poetry lies. Poignant thoughts, beautifully expressed. Be well in spirit and body and keep writing. Thanks for opening brokenpenwriter’s door and visiting. I look forward to meeting again!

  2. Beautifully and truthfully written. I too hear the trees, the sea, the rivers, the sky…. and that pleading message that Gaia is sending out to us all….

  3. ok I confess. i talk to the trees.
    but mainly I listen

  4. A beautiful tribute…

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