Captivated By Her Gentle Touch   8 comments

Through her gentle touch I felt the world
Through her whispering voice I heard the gods
Through her scent I drifted to incredible lands
The melodies that I heard, the bells that rang

I never knew my heart could beat so fast
A synchronicity of bodies mirrored in time
I soared to those empyrean heights
To a realm so pure of fire and light

But with passion and pleasure
There came for me the inevitable refrain
One night was all we had
The memory so clear, it still remains

Across the passing of years our paths were unknown
When out of the past into my life she walked again
We sat and spoke as the coffee cooled
And her words came slowly without a rush

As we looked into each others eyes
She took my hand in her gentle touch
And said that she could never thank me enough
For that single night and my tender love

She told me of the life she led before that night
Some of which I knew, the marriage, the pain
How it had shaped her spirit, shaped her mind
And I was to be her affirmation of a new life

She apologised for using me in her head
We both smiled and laughed together
A nudge and a wink no more to say
After all, that day our friendship still remained

The coffee cold, we rose to leave, I paid the bill
We kept in touch for four more years until I moved
It’s twenty years now since we said goodbye
Yet to me it still feels like only yesterday

My memory so clear all these years on
And even though those years have passed
Of all that we had said and done, to me,
I’m still captivated by her gentle touch

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8 responses to “Captivated By Her Gentle Touch

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  1. That is so beautifully sad!!

  2. Very painful but lucid. Liked it 🙂

  3. beautiful

  4. Tony, this is so amazing! It’s beautiful, yet, the sadness is so real when I read it (I almost felt teary-eyed)…of course, I’ll continue to read your work, but so far, this is my favorite! 🙂

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