Sadness of the Soul   Leave a comment

I walk the streets of this city
You can name it if you wish
There will be no difference
Only the temperature will change
And maybe the number of deaths because of it
We see the people, for that is what they are
People – not dogs or some other animal
The huddle in their cardboard castles
Some have a bottle of cheap gut-rot
Most have nothing
The bag lady as her name implies
The drunk as does his
The mentally fragile
Don’t go PC on me and tell me
Not to call a drunk a drunk
Because in all honesty
Whether he is or not
That is what we call him
Rightly or wrongly
So look past the labels
Past the smell
And what do we see
No let me correct that
What could we see?
If we chose to look past
The cover of the book
And look at the words inside
A corner store owner
Or he was before the greed of the GFC
Took his store and his family
The mother of 3 beautiful children
Left behind because the alcohol got too much
And no one could, or would, help
The academic, the judge, the mechanic
They’re all there somewhere
My city, your city, their city
Yet we sit and squabble over who will get what
Over who will get the turkey leg this Xmas
We are a sad and shallow world
But no one wants to listen
I’ve walked the streets at night
And I will admit, I was part of the problem
Not part of the solution
I turned my head
Held my breath
Walked a little faster
Just to get past them
On my way to some place
That I suspect
I never really needed to go
There is sadness in my soul
For what I have become
But even with the guilt
I fear that nothing will change
For me another Xmas with
For them another Xmas without
I can give you all the excuses
Needed to make myself feel good
But somehow I know that they just won’t cut it
There is a sadness in my soul
Tell me
How is yours


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