Beneath the Mountains of Madness   2 comments

Into the heart
of the mountain of madness
travelling through the tunnels
of lies and deceit
Under dark of moon
where strangers coil
under devils light
there strange creatures meet

They travel the runes
of earths ghostly past
of knights upon quests
but this is no great start
For they circle in packs
feeding upon carcasses
of the week and feeble
they have just torn apart

Two knocks on the door
then wait for reply
before knocking twice more
with the code of the night
To then enter the sanctum
of power and corruption
of backstabbing ways
and human natures plight

Who knocks on my door
a thundering voice sounded
Who wastes my time
This better be no joke
For I am Beelzebub
The prince of all darkness
a maniac of deeds
and to mankind it’s yoke

He cracked the door
there to look outside
His eyes wide in terror
At the sight he did meet
To the Congress he cried
I’ve nothing for you
The entrance to the White House
Is two tunnels due east

Through the mountains of madness
and the tunnels of deceit
creep the tentacles of power
that can make the devil weep
The power of the blood suckers
whose position we affirm
will keep mankind in chains
for as we sow do they reap


Posted 11/12/2011 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

2 responses to “Beneath the Mountains of Madness

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  1. Very nice!

    Where We Dawn

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