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Internal fortitude to what love brings
Exuberance in truth of loves swings
Impressionism of art to love sees
Surreal the time for you and me

Invisible strings attached to hearts
Of pain intrigued by loves of past
What future brings to those who seek
Exhausted breath at loves true peak

Passion rocking the lovers’ core
The hands of extreme at lovers’ door
Violently sway the rhythm of love
With exhalative rays from skies above

Palpation’s and passion in heart and mind
Explorative journey to loves new find
Heights now achieved not scaled before
Embrace of love true love the score

Symphony of love orchestral leading
Physically yielding spiritually pleasing
Destiny rewards those chances taken
Nirvana dreams be our destination

Sensuality be thy defining time
Mutual awareness of loves new clime
To surrender to the choral sparks
From angel voices and cupids darts

Presentiment of loves time to come
Inconceivable though it be to some
Ubiquitous know my love will be
Yearning for you to be with me


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