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Silent Running (1972) – Movie or Documentary   1 comment

Was Silent Running just a movie from the past, showing the future
Or was it a documentary from the future, showing the past
How close are we to playing out the scenes in the movie
How long can this version of earth last before we need
to send our plants and trees off into space just so that
they can survive – only to be destroyed again by greed
How close are we – how close is the movies script
to our worlds daily plunge into darkness and stupidity
Who will be our Freeman Lowell and who will be our Dewey
Is this what is meant by the saying “Life Imitating Art!”


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Captivated By Her Gentle Touch   8 comments

Through her gentle touch I felt the world
Through her whispering voice I heard the gods
Through her scent I drifted to incredible lands
The melodies that I heard, the bells that rang

I never knew my heart could beat so fast
A synchronicity of bodies mirrored in time
I soared to those empyrean heights
To a realm so pure of fire and light

But with passion and pleasure
There came for me the inevitable refrain
One night was all we had
The memory so clear, it still remains

Across the passing of years our paths were unknown
When out of the past into my life she walked again
We sat and spoke as the coffee cooled
And her words came slowly without a rush

As we looked into each others eyes
She took my hand in her gentle touch
And said that she could never thank me enough
For that single night and my tender love

She told me of the life she led before that night
Some of which I knew, the marriage, the pain
How it had shaped her spirit, shaped her mind
And I was to be her affirmation of a new life

She apologised for using me in her head
We both smiled and laughed together
A nudge and a wink no more to say
After all, that day our friendship still remained

The coffee cold, we rose to leave, I paid the bill
We kept in touch for four more years until I moved
It’s twenty years now since we said goodbye
Yet to me it still feels like only yesterday

My memory so clear all these years on
And even though those years have passed
Of all that we had said and done, to me,
I’m still captivated by her gentle touch

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As I Look Out My Window   Leave a comment

The night is dark outside my window
The rain drops gently on the roof
My cat curls a path between my legs
And even with the fly screens closed
Somehow the mosquito still gets in to bite
The garden lights are changing colours
Rotating thru from red to blue to green as
The light from an ornamental solar lamp softly glows
The rain has a calming pattern tonight
No storms or thunder or lighting
I was going to write that this was now
A perfect chance to review my life
To think of all that I have done
But, what’s done is done and
We can never change the past
Believe me – not that I have tried
All that we can ever do
From whatever point in time we chose
Is that we can make ourselves a new future
What we have done in the past
The lies that we have told
The loves that we have lost
No matter what we say or do
All those things will still have happened
If we spoke in anger, the words will still have been spoken
If we have walked away or left a lover
That lover will still have been lost to us
The past is the past and like the garden light
Its light will gradually dim as time passes
Yet I know that we can change our future
For there is a path that is yet to be walked
The path that we will take will be our choice to make
And the path that others take will be theirs, not ours
We can’t change others, we can only change ourselves
And that in turn is what will change our future
Don’t be scared to apologise, or let others see
The tears hidden deep within your eyes
Or to let them hear your loving sighs
I could …….
The night is dark outside my window
I enjoy the rain its calming pitter-patter
The witching hour has come and gone
But I am still awake as are the dreams inside my head

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Sadness of the Soul   Leave a comment

I walk the streets of this city
You can name it if you wish
There will be no difference
Only the temperature will change
And maybe the number of deaths because of it
We see the people, for that is what they are
People – not dogs or some other animal
The huddle in their cardboard castles
Some have a bottle of cheap gut-rot
Most have nothing
The bag lady as her name implies
The drunk as does his
The mentally fragile
Don’t go PC on me and tell me
Not to call a drunk a drunk
Because in all honesty
Whether he is or not
That is what we call him
Rightly or wrongly
So look past the labels
Past the smell
And what do we see
No let me correct that
What could we see?
If we chose to look past
The cover of the book
And look at the words inside
A corner store owner
Or he was before the greed of the GFC
Took his store and his family
The mother of 3 beautiful children
Left behind because the alcohol got too much
And no one could, or would, help
The academic, the judge, the mechanic
They’re all there somewhere
My city, your city, their city
Yet we sit and squabble over who will get what
Over who will get the turkey leg this Xmas
We are a sad and shallow world
But no one wants to listen
I’ve walked the streets at night
And I will admit, I was part of the problem
Not part of the solution
I turned my head
Held my breath
Walked a little faster
Just to get past them
On my way to some place
That I suspect
I never really needed to go
There is sadness in my soul
For what I have become
But even with the guilt
I fear that nothing will change
For me another Xmas with
For them another Xmas without
I can give you all the excuses
Needed to make myself feel good
But somehow I know that they just won’t cut it
There is a sadness in my soul
Tell me
How is yours

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The Last Tuna   4 comments

I’ve swam the seas
Fast enough to stay alive
I’ve survived the nets

Of my family
I can be
so many

Southern Bluefin

and more

My genus is
I am of
the sea

I am chased
for the money
not to sustain

As a delicacy
not just as food
to feed

Reared in net pens
fed bait fish
to live a shortened life

Then to die
to be frozen
or to be canned

But I
I am the last
the last in the wild

I am the last
of family Scombridae
I am the last tuna

War and Greed Is Not a Livable Creed   2 comments


War is organized and armed they say
so often prolonged, carried on between states
typified by aggression with social disruption
the only thing I see is death and destruction

So make no mistake for war is actual
it is not in error, it is intentional
it’s not just two farmers who go to war
but political masters out to even a score

Political violence is what you can see
to the masters it’s just another technique
one to be used to usurp the land
of another man’s family another man’s clan


But now it’s the absence of something we need
a need for the wealthy to stop dreaming of greed
prosperity is what matters, social welfare for all
equality across races, inequality no more

So give me a tolerance serving all clans
a cultural diversity across all the lands
if we’re as educated as we think we are
a realization of peace could take us so far

With hope what we seek across eternal lands
is now a lack of conflict between all clans
because a state of harmony without a war
by definition is peace – the harmonious score

Inconvenience of Truth   2 comments

Truth or Censorship

I beg to — —– —– ——-
— — — —- ask — you of —-
— the inconvenience of truth
—— — —- —– —– — —–

Faith — —– —- —— ——–
—— —— —- —- ———–
— —- hope —– ——
— ——– —– —- —— —-

—- —– —— —- —- —- —
A — — —– — —- —- ——-
– —– ——- — —– —– —-
— – journey — —- —– —–

Who— —- has —- information
— —– where — — — — ——
— — —- —- — the truth does go
— ————- — — ——— —

——– —— —– —- —– ——- –
— —- — ——- — — 42 —– —- is
the meaning of — ——- ——— —
—– — —– —- — ———- — seen

———- — —- sheriff — —– cat?
— —– — —– — – — —– —– black

— —– —- belief in —– what -?
—– — does it ———— matter
— 5 billion ——- — —— —
—— —– thinking —- ———-

— — —– – kneeling, — — — —-
as — — ——- —- — —- —— —-
— the inconvenience of truth —–
—– — —- — brings —— zealots

— xxxx ——– —- —– —- — l
— —– — —– —– —– —- grand
— —- — loss of life —- — —–
— —— —- —————- ——- —

Singing, —— , — —– — ——- day
—- — —— —— the truth is heard —

Truth is — —————————— ——
——— ——– ———– —— — a shame
— —– —- when lost —- ———– —–
— — — —– — —- ——- playing games

— — —- – -white lie – , — doesn’t matter
— until —— —- —- —— ———- —
— — —- —– —– —— —- starts to hurt
— — —– —- —– —— —— too bold

Don’t lie ——- ——- ———- ——–
——– ———— —– ———- ———-
—- ——— ————— ——— ———
— — — – ——- for truth to stand —–

Inconvenience of truth —- —– —– —-
—– —- —– —— in inconvenient times
Inconvenience of truth — — —– — —- —
— — — —– —– in inconvenient minds

Censorship in —- the inconvenience of truth

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