The Architecture of Words   2 comments

To dream

I am no poet, no architect of words
yet I marvel at the architecture
in the words of others
I live and wait with anticipation
for the words they write and
the structure of their compositions

To feel

The written word may not always convey,
when reading, the true meaning or
passion with which the works were crafted
so I sit in awe, when life allows, and
listen as the architects bring their words to life
through the resonance and passion in their voice

To watch

I’ve watched as slammin’ poets have
thrown themselves in to their works,
Contorting on the ground revealing
the depth and meaning within their words
No fear of laughter or scorn as their belief
in every word they say so evident in their face

To recall

Their minds; their minds an archive,
filled with a collection of words,
evidence of a life, to be remembered,
to be performed, to be whispered,
and finally, to succour the poet
when their life seems doomed to failure

To hear

Remember, I am no poet, no architect of words
But that is not a loss, for without me
to listen to the words they write,
their poems would be
like trees falling in the forest with no one there


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2 responses to “The Architecture of Words

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  1. I really love the ending! How true- We as the audience are just as important!

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