Intimacy of Touch and Dreams   Leave a comment

Of my left hand I place its palm upon my heart
Of my right hand I place its palm upon yours
Our hearts beat, you give a start;
You breathe a little quicker as you feel
my gentle touch through silken blouse

I feel your hands so soft
as you cover my hands with yours
Your right hand to my left upon my heart
Your left hand to my right upon your own
An intimacy of touch not felt before

In pools of darkest blue, in your eyes
whose depths I am yet to conquer
I see reflections of myself
I swim within their inviting charm
And savour this moment we share

We move closer, our bodies touch
Breathing a little ragged as we embrace
The heat strong on the night air
Our arms enfold, we hold
We rock gently with the breeze

Moonbeams drop through willow trees
They dance upon the leaves as light
With grace and soul they live a life so full
In short a time as we could never accept
If we could have a lifetime in a night as they

This touch, this feel, this intimacy
Were it to be our last I would dream
a lifetime seen as we have felt this night
I thank the stars above, the moon and all
For these wonderful scenes and intimate dreams

What now as light the palette changes
My hands a coldness before not felt
My body moves, yet as one, not two
What strangeness now beguiles me?
I pray my fears not to be my truths

Alas token dreams have held me once again
and the love I dreamt is not to be this day
For intimacy in touch rebuked will now remain
until I can see the face and know the name
of the lover I have touched within my dreams


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