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I tend to hoard things in my life – not just the normal male orientated things like sheets of corrugated iron, bent nails, old 8 track cassettes, parts for a motorbike long sold, but also the ‘other’ things one can accumulate in life. The garter from a friends wedding (she should have married me), photos from parties long gone (are even half those people alive today), books read many years ago and, amongst other things, letters. I found one the other day, thirty three years old it was, and unopened. Dated on my birthday so long ago and just addressed as follows – ‘To My Darling T’. I don’t know why I had never opened it and I was not sure I should do so now but what could be in a letter so old that could now be so bad. I opened it – it read:
My darling T
To you on this your birthday I give to you my love
When I look into your eyes I see what others pass by
I know you so well as I have watched you for so long
Never quite as drunk as you make out
I’ve seen you pour your beer out when you thought no one was looking
A gentleman you are, offering chairs for ladies
Opening the car door, proffering a shoulder to be cried on
Holding hands when needed, a rock to all around you
I may be older than you in years but maturity you have in spades
I want to give myself to you as I have loved you too long from afar
To be closer when the opportunity arises – I dream
We’ve been out to dinner, as friends,
I assume that is the reason you did not try to get me into bed
I loved you for that, I think
Meet me tonight upon our beach where the moon will bathe us both
We will stroll the cool moist sand as the remnants of waves wash our feet
As the breeze rises we will cuddle and our bodies will be entwined
The warmth from within enveloping
My heart beats wildly as I write this to you
I will be there until the midnight hour at which time I will know
If you love me as much as I love you
One minute past, I will be gone
I know you feel for me so please, meet me tonight
Come to me and be with me for I love you so
I want my name to be on your lips for the rest of our lives
Look within yourself – you know me so well
I don’t even have to sign my name
All my love to you my darling
Till tonight – with all my love

What can I say? Thirty three years on and I should have left the letter unopened. Thirty-three years ago I would have known whom the letter was from, but today, thirty three years later, I have no idea who she was (and I’m scared that I want to know). Letters from the past – should we keep them or just move on into our future leaving the past where it belongs, in the past.

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9 responses to “Letters From the Past

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  1. both …

  2. Wow, how romantically in love this girl was with you. I wonder why you didn’t open it 30 years ago? That intrigues me the most, and I feel sad for her that you never showed up. If it was me I’d want to know who wrote this to me but I’m a curious thing and also a romantic 🙂 Maybe there’s a story to be written here. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  3. I know it was long unopened, but to have the gift of knowing that someone once loved you, once studied you and thought that you made her life a bit better is as wonderful as it is sad. I would keep the letters. Who knows what treasures you may uncover in them!

  4. Hi What a great starting place for a book… Jane

  5. This would make a great movie!!!

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