It’s In the Eyes   Leave a comment

It’s in the eyes
Have you seen?
Have you looked?
Taken a chance
The darkness
The brooding
The pain
The love (or lack of it)
If you want truth
There is but one place
There truth will not lie
Look deeply if you dare
Ask the question
Do you fear what you will see?
Do not listen to the voice
But look deeply into the eyes
I’ve looked so many times
Asked the questions
Seen the answers, not heard
Shed the tears freely
Those eyes now look away
Gone from what is now
Heading to the future
Where what is, I will not be
Those eyes they scare me so
The way they look so knowing
Telling me truths of life
That I don’t wish to be shown
So for the future there is a way.
A plan to keep my angst at bay
For now I wear dark glasses
And stop looking in the mirror
It’s in the eyes, always the eyes, everything’s in the eyes


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