In Time Forgotten   Leave a comment

The lane was rutted and pitted
(a bit kangaroo edward)
you could see the potholes easily
and not just the ones that had appeared
after the flood

Like the expression
‘this road has seen better days’
this lane certainly had.
Oh, and the floods,
I’m talking about the ’74 ones

It was a dusty little lane
off a country road
not far from the highway
with a turnoff easily missed
The sign was gone.

The grass was slowly encroaching
from the verge to the wheel tracks
as very little traffic, if any, now
travelled down this back country lane
Time moves on

Down the end of the lane were two
weather beaten timber homes
with that familiar, black mouldy
look about them, where the last bit of paint
had flaked off about 30 years ago

The strangler vine had done its work
for what was once two houses,
now appeared as one with the vine
engulfing both in its wanton squeeze
In the garden bed, flowers still bloomed

The white ants had feasted well
with half the stumps eaten away
and the other half barely standing up
The floor of the house dipped and swayed,
looking more like the roll of the ocean

In a time forgotten this lane had thrived
Fifteen houses, eighteen families
they had their own football team
and enough kids for two cricket teams
they were known far and wide

But as families moved and banks foreclosed
the houses were sold for the price of the timber
The old remained but their years were numbered
and in the end, it was just the two of them;
brothers with a long lived gene.

Ninety five years they had lived in this lane – twins
The houses identical having been built and
crafted in their younger days when they married,
Three generations had walked those floor boards
yet sadly, in the end, just the twins remained

They died within days of each other
Nothing suspicious, but the causes were unknown
They have been gone for twenty years now and
I still remember them so well though,
families’ always will I guess

Time will tell, as it always does
the last houses will fall
the lane will become over grown
and in the end even the memories will be,
in time forgotten


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