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A Good Man Died Today   6 comments

A good man died today
I did not know him
Nor the brothers
that died beside him

I cannot tell you
the colour of his skin
nor the religion
that he worshiped

He could have been
wearing a uniform
Or maybe not
It was hard to tell

Was he a foreign man
on foreign soil
Or a man on the soil
of his homeland

I could not tell
I did not know him
But I know this
A good man died today

I do not know in which war
I do not know on which side
I do not know who was wrong
I do not know who was right

I only know that death
Chooses no side
Death is indiscriminate
Death is permanent

In war both
good and bad men die,
good and bad women die,
and good children always die

I will share my tears with you
If you share your tears with me
I now hope for the day
When all good men live

A good man died today
I did not know him
nor the brothers
that died beside him


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The Architecture of Words   2 comments

To dream

I am no poet, no architect of words
yet I marvel at the architecture
in the words of others
I live and wait with anticipation
for the words they write and
the structure of their compositions

To feel

The written word may not always convey,
when reading, the true meaning or
passion with which the works were crafted
so I sit in awe, when life allows, and
listen as the architects bring their words to life
through the resonance and passion in their voice

To watch

I’ve watched as slammin’ poets have
thrown themselves in to their works,
Contorting on the ground revealing
the depth and meaning within their words
No fear of laughter or scorn as their belief
in every word they say so evident in their face

To recall

Their minds; their minds an archive,
filled with a collection of words,
evidence of a life, to be remembered,
to be performed, to be whispered,
and finally, to succour the poet
when their life seems doomed to failure

To hear

Remember, I am no poet, no architect of words
But that is not a loss, for without me
to listen to the words they write,
their poems would be
like trees falling in the forest with no one there

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To Share a Room with Your Enemy (Is To Share a Room With Destiny)   Leave a comment

Twelve hours of you is all that I ask
(This is real for me)
Half a day of the total for a simple task
(Don’t tell me it’s too hard)
Of the life you’d live if your were so bold
(Don’t tell me you can’t find the time)
If you were to live to 75 years old
(This is way too important)

This request will cost you that I confess
(What price the world?)
Just remember – half a day, no more, no less
(For our children’s, children’s children)
A percentage just zero point zero zero two
(So little time)
Of the amount of time, that life allotted to you
(So much at stake)

To the rich (Who are getting richer)

12 hours a day for your 8 million a year
(That much money can’t buy happiness)
I don’t think you’d find your time all that dear
(Don’t you dare tell me it’s going to cost you)
I’m sure you work hard, as you say you do
(It may be difficult to define “hard” for a rich man)
But as a percentage it’s only zero point zero two
(But just don’t lie to me)

To the poor (Who are getting poorer)

30 grand a year at 12 hours a day
(Money could at least get you better health care)
I know your rate should be clearly more pay
(I know it will cost you this time that I ask)
But as a percentage it’s zero point zero two four
(So little time in the grand scheme of life)
Don’t worry, I know, you deserve a lot more
(Your children certainly deserve this from you)

So what do we need from both of them now?
(Without both sides this just won’t work)
Is to sit and talk and to find out how
(But more importantly, to listen)
We can work together to turn things around
(There has to be a middle ground)
Before we turn this earth into killing field grounds
(Do you want a future?)

12 hours to sit and share a room
(Are they really the “enemy”)
To sit and talk and fight the gloom
(Listen for the meanings not just the words)
Is the person that’s there on the other side
(The one whose opinion is different than yours)
Also just trying to keep his world alive
(Don’t fight each other – give each first a chance)

I know, I know, before you go on
(To meet it has to be a two way street)
This sounds like a child’s fairy tale song
(With voices and facts not violence and police)
But if the song’s not sung, the voices not heard
(I don’t care if the streets are congested or bare)
You’re as bad as each other and then plus a third
(I want people to know, why they are there)

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Reality   2 comments

My reality will be what I want it to be
Not the vision that you want me to see
If that’s a problem don’t complain to me
Because it’s my life, I’ll see it how I please

It’s my life I’ll see it how I please
not the way that society deems

I ride the plains of astral projection
Musing life with all its rejections
Zen or Tantra to witness the feeling
Is this the path to walk to natural healing

It’s my life I’ll see it how I please
not the way that society deems

I’ve never regretted decisions I have made
And life for me has never been staid
But time has come for a mind exploration
could this now come through eastern meditation

It’s my life I’ll see it how I please
not the way that society deems

Reality, dreams, consciousness themes
Integrate awareness and energy streams
The masculine, the feminine are all within
It’s that truth we need to underpin

It’s my life I’ll see it how I please
not the way that society deems

Reality for one, reality for all
To be poor of peace is no life at all
It’s my life I’ll see it how I please
Not the way that society deems

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Intimacy of Touch and Dreams   Leave a comment

Of my left hand I place its palm upon my heart
Of my right hand I place its palm upon yours
Our hearts beat, you give a start;
You breathe a little quicker as you feel
my gentle touch through silken blouse

I feel your hands so soft
as you cover my hands with yours
Your right hand to my left upon my heart
Your left hand to my right upon your own
An intimacy of touch not felt before

In pools of darkest blue, in your eyes
whose depths I am yet to conquer
I see reflections of myself
I swim within their inviting charm
And savour this moment we share

We move closer, our bodies touch
Breathing a little ragged as we embrace
The heat strong on the night air
Our arms enfold, we hold
We rock gently with the breeze

Moonbeams drop through willow trees
They dance upon the leaves as light
With grace and soul they live a life so full
In short a time as we could never accept
If we could have a lifetime in a night as they

This touch, this feel, this intimacy
Were it to be our last I would dream
a lifetime seen as we have felt this night
I thank the stars above, the moon and all
For these wonderful scenes and intimate dreams

What now as light the palette changes
My hands a coldness before not felt
My body moves, yet as one, not two
What strangeness now beguiles me?
I pray my fears not to be my truths

Alas token dreams have held me once again
and the love I dreamt is not to be this day
For intimacy in touch rebuked will now remain
until I can see the face and know the name
of the lover I have touched within my dreams

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How Much is Enough   Leave a comment

How much is enough
Did I hear you say
Who wants to know?
Get out of my way
I only earn
70 million a year
How much do you earn?
20 thousand – too dear

I’m so poor – boo hoo
What am I to do?
I’ll go see the government
They can lend me a few?
Now I want to live
and want to make more
But I think I will have
to move my company off shore

How much, you say
can I spend in a day
How much can I spend
all day, every day
Well maybe, just maybe
A little bit more
Than your yearly wage
For which you should do more

Poor you – boo hoo
No roof on your head
I don’t care, harden up
Or you’ll soon be dead
I saw a house going cheap
A fixer upper for sure
Just a tiny lazy million
Can you make that score?

The rules, the law
Don’t make me scoff
They’re for you, not me
The cops can piss off
I can’t go to jail
I’m too special you see
But you – boo hoo
Can to go jail for me

Just remember this now
For I am the boss
My wife would leave me
If I made a loss
If I didn’t make money
For her jewellery and shoes
She’d find another rich man
And divorce me – that’s true

So now set me right
Speak up – set me straight
Who are you again,
I can’t seem to relate
To me you’re a bum
As far as I see
Put your hand away
You’ll get no money from me

You should go get a job
Go earn some cash
Six fifty an hour
Now that’s a good stash
If you don’t like the wage
Get out of my way
I’m off to my club
For a charity golf day

Rip In   2 comments

C’mon – let’s rip in
Bring your chainsaw
Bring your bulldozer
Gee we’ll have some fun

It’ll be a bit noisy though
The bloody birds’ squawk
Well the ones that don’t die
from the poison that is

The monkeys might try
to rip your bloody eyes out
So make sure you wear goggles
Gee we’ll have some fun though

Speaking of monkeys
That group of workers – over there
They tell us – if you can believe them
That monkeys brains taste great

Have you seen how big they are?
The chainsaws that is
They are bloody huge
Can drop a tree in less than a minute

Deaths? Yeah a few
But don’t worry about it
They’re only bloody locals
Not a brain between them

Those plants there? No idea
Some scientist said they could be
the cure for cancer, but you know
what liars scientists are

Funny though, haven’t seen many
of those purple and yellow frogs
since we cleared that 1000 square
kilometres around that river

It’ll be right mate
What’s a frog between friends?
One good thing though
Got a hell of a lot less snakes now

C’mon – let’s rip in
If you don’t have a chainsaw
we can lend you an axe
Good for surgery if needed

What do you mean about the rubbish left behind?
Don’t worry, the rainforest will grow again
It’ll grow all over that crap
Be as good as new in a year or two

In saying that though, it could be farmland
The company has got to get something back
For all the money they put into this place
They might grow soy and sell it to the government

They do it hard these big companies
What’s that? The natives who lived here before?
Man – their life is so much better off, the government
moved them into these fantastic houses in town

C’mon – lets go – lets rip in
Trees don’t fall on their own you know
Time is money, time is money you see and
I’m paying you two dollars a day to work

What’s the free rice like – what’s that? Weevils!
Well better than nothing I say
If you won’t work,
Plenty of others who will take your place

C’mon now
Rip in
It’s only a tree
Not like it’s your life or something

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