The City   2 comments

Crowds of people moving, bodies bumping,
Bodies pushing, bodies shoving
Shrouded in the despair a city lays upon them
With anger, loss and pain without a care

Between the buildings, the streets, the alleys
Cement and glass, yet dare we look for more?
Dirty, grimy, seedy, stinking, wallowing
The city now a sty from those before

City fathers turn over in their graves
Where is the light and joy they once believed?
Happy, smiling faces, laughter, community
For the grace of past dreamt glories not achieved

But we must change the mind of people to this city
To blow away the apathy growing there
And pass on to our children a sense of pride
That despite mistakes before we did but care

So look to raise your heads up off your chest
And stride the narrow streets with eyes aglow
Look ‘round you every day and you will see
The miracles that still make this city grow

In the parks, gardens reaching, striving, growing
Chasing light amongst the buildings tall
Flowers, shrubs, trees searching for the sunlight
The air and life they give can comfort all

So walk the paths between the grass and trees
Breathe the scented air that floats therein
Look around and see what it could be
Draw your strength to save the city from within

Lift your head up high and stride with purpose
Show the throng around you that you care
Let not man’s greed destroy this living city
For we know with faith and hope it will repair

A hundred years from now there in the future
Depending on the vision’s now embraced
A vibrant, growing city should still be here
If not, our very lives have been disgraced


Posted 05/09/2011 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

2 responses to “The City

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  1. You encapsulate the promise of the great metropolis and its dark dangers very well here. Enjoying your wonderful craft!


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