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Plough   2 comments

Oxen and horse
Furrows run long and straight
Old man working hard


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Past Glory as the Willows Weep   4 comments

Sun bleached mud bricks on
crumbling corners of
long forgotten buildings
the wind blows through
now vacant window frames

White ants have eaten
the kitchen floor and
the roof is long gone
of posts in the cattle yard
only the husk remains

On dark silent nights
if anyone is there to listen
you can hear the sounds
from the past

The willow trees
as old as the ruins themselves
but then again
they always did

This was the past
of pioneers and settlers
some survived
some thrived
others died

Cobbled hearth is long cold
though the flagstones
still show the soot
of twenty thousand fires
this was the heart of a home

They had the droughts
they had the floods
but in the end
nothing could save them
not even their love

The past is cruel
as is nature
neither reflects the pain
acknowledgement of hard work
is lost on the wind

The willows still weep today
as they did then
a hundred years ago
but today
the glory is past

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The Last Will and Testament of a Poet   4 comments

In my passing
I bequeath to you
my words
my commas
my full stops
my colon and semi
my question and
exclamation marks

I bequeath to you
the roll of r’s upon my tongue
the heart and soul of my love
the pain within
the pain without
the light in my eyes
the storm in the sky
the truth

I could never write
a nonet
a naani
a quatrain
a cinquain
a couplet
a senryu
or even a rhyme

So now
in my passing
I bequeath to you
my words
use them
mould them
write them
speak them

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Rainforest Obituary – (Swearing)   3 comments

I make no apologies
For the word I use
In this obituary

If you can find
A more appropriate word
Then for fucks sake
Tell me!

Did you know?

Did you know that the rainforest is dead?


That the trees are gone

Fuck me

That the rainforest trees are fucking gone

Fucking hell

What – you say?

You’ve heard it all before!

Fuck me!


Fuck me

The rainforest
The rainforest trees

Can you tell me?
What are we going to do?


The trees are gone
We’re fucked now


The trees are gone

Well fuck me – You know

We were told we’d be fucked
When the trees were gone
What did we do?
We told ‘em to go and get fucked

So who’s fucked now?

We’ve got almost no trees left
And with the rainforest trees gone
……. we’re fucked

But we’ve got plenty of paper

And some people will still tell me to go and get fucked

The rainforest trees are gone

They were the lungs
Of the earth

How are we going to breath?
Without fresh air
Without lungs

We’re fucked

Fuck –
The rainforest is gone

And some people will again tell me to fuck off

And I will tell them:

Fuck you
Fuck you and the bulldozer you rode in on
You’ve fucked us all
The rainforest trees are gone
Now we’re fucked


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Om – Respect   Leave a comment

I bow to the form
Which is you
In respect
In meditation
In contemplation
In peace

I bow to the form
Which is you
Of respect
Music of peace
Spirit of love
Heart of joy

I bow to the form
Which is you
Your respect
Your spirit
Your entity
Your divinity

I bow to the form
Which is you

I bow to the form
Which is you
For in respect
I can give no more than words
And the love in which
I give them freely to you

Music and Words   Leave a comment

The music is in my head
my doorway to the soul
as I listen to the chords
the beats and back-beats
thundering and roaring,
my head pounding
all I have to do to enter
the time warp that is in
my mind is to close my eyes
and turn the music up loud
Yet I am sick of the soulless
repetition of notes that makes
today’s music all sound the same
where the notes of musicians
can remind me of the words
of the new age poets of today
their words met and left by
the metaphors of their time
the message obscured by the
jumble of well worn cliches
the world is not that smart
to understand the innuendo
across time and space that
quasi intellectuals say they
understand so that they can
look more intelligent than those
they look down upon, where the
writers obfuscate their words
so that they can do the same
give me a word or words where
the meanings are clear
give me a musical note that
is clear and crisp that is
not complicated by the static
that surround it
I want words in my words
and notes in my music
we are too far gone now to
change the rules
change the notes
change the words
(or the form that surrounds them)
just because we can
because the changes
that ring today cannot be
understood by ordinary people
give me music and words
that can be enjoyed
not just because we
understand their sound
but because we
understand their meaning

Where   Leave a comment

Have you ever thought
Where do the people go to
When their words dry up

Have you ever thought
Where do the words go to
When the people dry up

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