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I give my soul freely and gratefully to the day
As it wakes me slowly from my lazy slumber
What stretches out this day before me now
Prepares to fill my life with joy and wonder

As the yellow rays of sunlight slowly spread
They open my eyes and even my very soul
For the joy I receive in dawn’s new early light
Gives me a peace to which I will forever hold

I rise to meet the friends who shape my life
Who enjoy the presence of my life as well
But beware the ego hidden within all men
For it can lead you down the rocky road to hell

Be humble in the way you treat the world
Be kind to the people whose path that you will cross
Remember to treat how you want to be treated
Let others ensure your good deeds are not lost

As I make my way throughout the hours of day
I remember of the mantra that is my own
I help the down and out without second-guessing
For I know they have no place to call a home

Yet the day is not all sadness glum and gloom
There are scores of people generous to a fault
They strive to make a difference in all lives
For they know if not the world we want is lost

I look skyward to the shining sun up high
Remembering how I felt as it did rise
Still giving my soul freely to the day
Hoping the choices that I make will save lives


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