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Come the nighttime and man does change
Things we will not do in broad daylight
Become the rage we undertake so freely
As we lose all our inhibitions in the night

We look now differently at people all around us
Like the woman standing under a pale streetlight
Her hair, the shadows cast upon her face – voyeurism
Beguile us as we stare and stand and wait

Prowling vampires of the night do we become
Surely the victim now of our own carnal lust
We travel, trawl the streets of our dark cities
Looking for sex, some quick fun, but not trust

We go places we would not be seen in day
To the dark side of humanity in the night
We talk to people from darker walks of life
That we’d never share the time with in daylight

Why are we more animate in night than day?
With masks we wear so easily upon our face
Dark shadows hide the trueness of our soul
As we deny the ones we meet of our true grace

Yet what we have to learn to live our lives
Is that what we become at night is but a farce
For we need to open up our soul and mind
And act the way that’s right before nights pass

Be yourself in all you do without fear or favour
Day or night no matter for what you wish to gain
So you must live your life truly day and night
For to not will bring you naught but grief and pain

Posted 25/08/2011 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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