Strawberry Condom   2 comments

In days of old when men were bold
And rubber trees were plenty
With no flavour trip there upon the tip
Condoms were just plain and stretchy
For hundreds of years plain was good enough
Though some were ready but most were rough
Who thought of tasting, good gracious me
Condoms were meant for a fun naughty
The nineteen nineties came around
And flavour became the choice in town
Berry Blast, Chocolate Funk
Banana Smoothie and Cannabis Dunk
This was the nineties and you could see
The tide was changing, no plain ones for me
I asked around to check the taste,
Flavor tasting by me, seemed out of place
I wanted to know what would lose my cherry
An answer came back, the flavour to be
A condom tasting just like a strawberry


Posted 20/08/2011 by DarKarsean in poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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2 responses to “Strawberry Condom

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  1. Clever and perfect capture of the rise of the flavored condom.

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