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In natures magic of transcendent times we exist
To the lakefront for a summer stroll we glide
The blue storm rising within our rustic souls
It is destiny’s time for the singer within us all

The female form alive in flowers, trees and light
Curves of resplendent moonlight shadows my security
Fearless beauty spreading down from the mountains
Destiny’s time now in her bridal joy this day

The wheel of life balancing alone by moonlight
In every step alone a new journey begins
I cocoon myself within the dreams of my day
The streets I walk a gallery of my springtime

The machines within my internal universe
Begin a new journey at the end of every day
I am no peddler of lost dreams of love
But wish you the time of your life this night

The highway of life leads us upon a hidden trail
I will beg no one for love no matter how sad the time
We are a match and your beauty as a lovebird shows
The shadows of our life will grow in the heat of the night

Deep in thought I question the lives we lead in sorrow
The inner light of the heart explores the choices we make
I do not panic when I see the warrior within in the mist
The clouds in my mind cannot replace the portrait of you

No matter where the city the stars will speak to us
The key to our reality will ensure we wake to all
Life is no end game but instead a beginning for us two
Tonight and for the remainder is our reality my lady

Your eyes wake me to the world of our existence
Thank you for featuring within my astral heaven
The truth shown in your surrealist crooning world
Love is your right under the silvery moon

I question my right to know this most wonderful feeling
I reflect on the turbulent storms of my past life
As fragile as I may be you push the cold wind from my vain memories
I rejoice in your breath upon me in the morning light

If I could fly I would take you on angels wings so high
These thoughts may be so abstract but I look so deep
Your contemplative spirits shines down on me
I am in awe of you and no longer a man alone

To us our time will come, astonished as I be in awe of you
We will love in life as a dervish unseen before now
For our love belongs and I see the love within you
You are as weightless to me as a shadow of perfection


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