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Her Shadow on the Wall   4 comments

Half body shadow on the wall
Voice spoken, words beautifully sung
I watched the crisp black outline
of her head and arms moving
upon the coloured backdrop to her words
An eclectic mix of instruments
as was the miscellanea of her alphabet
The shadow was, as shadows are
jet black upon the wall
I closed my eyes to listen
and found her shadow
abiding within my mind
Like a neon sign in black
her performance I will not forget


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Hyde The Night   Leave a comment

Come the nighttime and man does change
Things we will not do in broad daylight
Become the rage we undertake so freely
As we lose all our inhibitions in the night

We look now differently at people all around us
Like the woman standing under a pale streetlight
Her hair, the shadows cast upon her face – voyeurism
Beguile us as we stare and stand and wait

Prowling vampires of the night do we become
Surely the victim now of our own carnal lust
We travel, trawl the streets of our dark cities
Looking for sex, some quick fun, but not trust

We go places we would not be seen in day
To the dark side of humanity in the night
We talk to people from darker walks of life
That we’d never share the time with in daylight

Why are we more animate in night than day?
With masks we wear so easily upon our face
Dark shadows hide the trueness of our soul
As we deny the ones we meet of our true grace

Yet what we have to learn to live our lives
Is that what we become at night is but a farce
For we need to open up our soul and mind
And act the way that’s right before nights pass

Be yourself in all you do without fear or favour
Day or night no matter for what you wish to gain
So you must live your life truly day and night
For to not will bring you naught but grief and pain

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Jekyll The Day   Leave a comment

I give my soul freely and gratefully to the day
As it wakes me slowly from my lazy slumber
What stretches out this day before me now
Prepares to fill my life with joy and wonder

As the yellow rays of sunlight slowly spread
They open my eyes and even my very soul
For the joy I receive in dawn’s new early light
Gives me a peace to which I will forever hold

I rise to meet the friends who shape my life
Who enjoy the presence of my life as well
But beware the ego hidden within all men
For it can lead you down the rocky road to hell

Be humble in the way you treat the world
Be kind to the people whose path that you will cross
Remember to treat how you want to be treated
Let others ensure your good deeds are not lost

As I make my way throughout the hours of day
I remember of the mantra that is my own
I help the down and out without second-guessing
For I know they have no place to call a home

Yet the day is not all sadness glum and gloom
There are scores of people generous to a fault
They strive to make a difference in all lives
For they know if not the world we want is lost

I look skyward to the shining sun up high
Remembering how I felt as it did rise
Still giving my soul freely to the day
Hoping the choices that I make will save lives

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Strawberry Condom   2 comments

In days of old when men were bold
And rubber trees were plenty
With no flavour trip there upon the tip
Condoms were just plain and stretchy
For hundreds of years plain was good enough
Though some were ready but most were rough
Who thought of tasting, good gracious me
Condoms were meant for a fun naughty
The nineteen nineties came around
And flavour became the choice in town
Berry Blast, Chocolate Funk
Banana Smoothie and Cannabis Dunk
This was the nineties and you could see
The tide was changing, no plain ones for me
I asked around to check the taste,
Flavor tasting by me, seemed out of place
I wanted to know what would lose my cherry
An answer came back, the flavour to be
A condom tasting just like a strawberry

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It Still Gives Me Shivers   Leave a comment

I can still feel the sensation today
It sends shivers up and down my spine
It has done all my life
I can’t remember the first time
someone let me experience that feeling

Mother or father, sister or brother
would have watched and looked at my face
that first time and smiled
From as far back as I can remember
I also smile at the memory as well

Ever since I was a child it has been with me
It grew up with me, child to young boy
Young boy to teenager, teenager to man
Now young man to older man
The sensation is still as much today as it ever was

I’ve shared the sensation over the years with
both friends and lovers and even casual passers by
Even today, I only have to inhale deeply and the rich
aroma will arouse memories so pleasant
Sometimes I only need to imagine the aroma

I despair for the young of today so much
Not given the opportunity to experience
what I hold so deeply in my heart and mind
Parents so scared, or just downright bloody stupid
they seem to have lost their own memories

Don’t they know what they are doing
Destroying this and future generations
through their paranoia and ignorance
I worry that in the future we will forget
how things are supposed to be

For me, it still gives me shivers every day
I won’t forget and neither will my children
for I will make it a point that we all
at least one day every week for the rest of our lives
That we will run barefoot through the grass

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Namaste   Leave a comment


To balance
To mirror
To join

Before the heart
Bow the head


Equality and honour
Sacredness of all

Five senses
of karma
Five senses
of order

A symbol of the whole
A symbol of perfection



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Love in Different Words   Leave a comment

In natures magic of transcendent times we exist
To the lakefront for a summer stroll we glide
The blue storm rising within our rustic souls
It is destiny’s time for the singer within us all

The female form alive in flowers, trees and light
Curves of resplendent moonlight shadows my security
Fearless beauty spreading down from the mountains
Destiny’s time now in her bridal joy this day

The wheel of life balancing alone by moonlight
In every step alone a new journey begins
I cocoon myself within the dreams of my day
The streets I walk a gallery of my springtime

The machines within my internal universe
Begin a new journey at the end of every day
I am no peddler of lost dreams of love
But wish you the time of your life this night

The highway of life leads us upon a hidden trail
I will beg no one for love no matter how sad the time
We are a match and your beauty as a lovebird shows
The shadows of our life will grow in the heat of the night

Deep in thought I question the lives we lead in sorrow
The inner light of the heart explores the choices we make
I do not panic when I see the warrior within in the mist
The clouds in my mind cannot replace the portrait of you

No matter where the city the stars will speak to us
The key to our reality will ensure we wake to all
Life is no end game but instead a beginning for us two
Tonight and for the remainder is our reality my lady

Your eyes wake me to the world of our existence
Thank you for featuring within my astral heaven
The truth shown in your surrealist crooning world
Love is your right under the silvery moon

I question my right to know this most wonderful feeling
I reflect on the turbulent storms of my past life
As fragile as I may be you push the cold wind from my vain memories
I rejoice in your breath upon me in the morning light

If I could fly I would take you on angels wings so high
These thoughts may be so abstract but I look so deep
Your contemplative spirits shines down on me
I am in awe of you and no longer a man alone

To us our time will come, astonished as I be in awe of you
We will love in life as a dervish unseen before now
For our love belongs and I see the love within you
You are as weightless to me as a shadow of perfection

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