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Sunday   2 comments

Sunday the day to,
dance with me a shuffle
Left, right; in step, slow
Hand in hand –love
Hands with leads – love
Sunday walk
morning stroll
Wheels turning
cars rolling
like life – so slow
necks craning, eyes darting
footpath seating
coffee to stay or go
Crossing the road
darting between cars
Their footsteps are,
footnotes to the landscape
Eye the dream, getaway
Grey clouds or blue sky
A Sunday indulgence
before Mondays screams


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Rock the Boat   2 comments

Scarborough boat harbour sits
quietly aside the bay shore
The sun beats down
on graceful vessels
Yachts floating
masts swaying
white clouds drifting
blue water
toes dipping
winter cool
The sound of Dido drifts
across the water as the
yacht club rocks in
the lazy, not quite hot, afternoon sun
The yachts sit
with sails furled tight,
wire of stainless steel
glints in the sunlight
hawser stretches from
boat to dock
from bow to stern
decks gleaming white
Aluminium masts erect as
shrouds secure position.
Now locked down for the winter
bodies are scarce on-board
The soft shuffle of deck shoes
and the raucous, bubbly infused laughter
of hot summer afternoon
now missing in this winter sun
A lone seagull stands atop
the tallest mast.
the seagull thinks,
I wonder why they call it the
“Crow’s nest”.
Eyes keen, ever on the lookout,
It knows the trawlers are near
Mmmmm – fresh fish
The coastguard boats sit
No rescues today
Well, not yet anyway
It’s never too late for idiots
The sun begins to dip behind
the mountains to the west
Another day gone
Scarborough boat harbour sleeps

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The Witness   2 comments

I am the one true witness to all that I have seen
I am the one true witness to all that I have been

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Writers Block or Lovers Block   Leave a comment


If I could only find the words


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A Tidal Journey – Hayes Inlet   Leave a comment

Saltwater inlet off Bramble Bay
At low tide channels appear
Conduits of life
To its mud flats wader birds migrate
Bar-tailed Goodwit, Black-winged Stilt
Habitat, breeding grounds, Siberian immigrants
No boats or passports here
Nature calls with a voice so clear
Vertebrate, cold blooded, gills and fins
Flora and fauna their symbiosis to see
Islands of mangroves tangled roots
Grey and black the colour mud
Look to find the Lego coves and
rubber thong backwaters of tidal reach
A catchment, a waterway
Water blue, water green
Life blood of a life line
Watch the sun rise
Watch the sun set
A tidal journey
Hayes Inlet

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