Even the Seagulls Walked   2 comments

It was a cold brown breeze that blew in off the bay
The chop on the waves had that, dirty, dishwater look
Wind pressing against bodies, leaning people walked
Tussled hair in need of a scarf, hats lost on the sou’easter
On the water, boats rocked – those under way struggled in the heavy going
In the distance a tanker laboriously made its way towards the river’s mouth
On the sandy beach, even the seagulls walked

For the young, the children, theirs was a child’s eye view
Chasing soldier crabs across the sand, running at seagulls
The wind blowing over their heads – not through their bodies
The seaside market stall holders – stoic – their shade tents staked to the ground
A living to be made no matter what the weather
Heavy wind still blowing – whistling through the hanging chimes
On the receding tide, even the seagulls walked

Bananas 3 99 a kilo, the voice in the background called – these markets were mixed
Exposed now on a receding tide, the bait fish schooled in the shallows
A Tiger Moth flying slowly into the wind – I could have walked faster
Family groups walked the foreshore the wind blowing them home
The markets emptied as closing time neared – another day another dollar
I too walked away as the wind blew harder – a little colder maybe
And still, even the seagulls walked


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2 responses to “Even the Seagulls Walked

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  1. I love this; it was a movie in my mind. The ending line is just perfect. Very nicely done. Glad to have found you.


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