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He sat down
Looking around
Not sure of anything
Head pounding
Heart pumping
Pulse racing
Eyes aching
Eyeballs red
Fingers wrung
Back sore
I thought I saw him glance my way
I’m not too sure
He could have
He looked straightforward
Trembling within
His mind confused
Thoughts racing
Where was he?
Who was he?
Why was he?
Here on this seat
Looking around
I think he stood
Combed his hair
Rubbed his shoes
Behind his legs
Calf muscle flexing
Shoes cleaned
Pockets empty
Wallet fat
With cards expired
Give me thoughts
Give me clarity
He said
To no one
Or was it to me?
He looked my way
I think
No – I’m sure he did
He yelled at me
Who is that man?
I looked
No one was there
I think he’s going mad
He’s stopped standing
Now laying down
Curling up
The ball appears
Closer to the corner
The floor is cold
The tiles so sterile
What can I do?
He looks at me
He kneels before me
Hands outstretched
I back away
Deny the view
I cannot help
Or so I say
To myself
This time he screams
I turn again
No one is there
He scares me
I’m scared
My head pounding
Heart pumping
Pulse racing
Eyes aching
Eyeballs red
Fingers wrung
Back sore
What am I doing?
Down on this floor
The mirror changes
Not just the visual but
A mental point of view
I cannot help this man
The one in the mirror
Until I learn
How to deal with
The man on this side
Whoever he be
I’m sure it’s not me
No way would I do
What this one does
He’s mad you know
And me?
I’m perfectly sane
Help me not
For I’m okay
How about we leave it
For other days will come
When the mirror will reflect
The depths to which
I will look back
And he will be
As sane as me


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