In Two Minds   2 comments

Give me the dappled sunlight of the soul

Drowning within the darkness in your mind

Feel the pain that gnaws away within

The nights of turmoil so long and sleepless

The radiance of the love for all to see

To feel the exuberance of youthful play

The sun shines with gay abandon on us all

When day is overtaken by night, beware

Irrational thoughts overcome rationality

The mind becomes a quagmire overrun

Love the feeling of desire deep within

The cover of the body tingles incessantly

Electric the air, static the charge abounds

Darkness in the recesses of the mind

What hides there hides deep within the soul

It becomes the blinding stake within our eye

Glorious the feeling wonderful the sight

The touch of body to body a lullaby

It brings to light the love within us all

Lullabies lost in Grimm’s fairy tales

The shortcut through a devils playground bold

No longer a happy ending guaranteed

Do I fight for the time to now reject the dark

As my inward smile outward should be now viewed

To forever rest in arms cradled within for love

I am in two minds

I am in two minds


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2 responses to “In Two Minds

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  1. Your poem is strong, lovely, revealing. Thank you for subscribing to my blog. It is nice to meet you! hugs, pat

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